How to remove an automatic login from Facebook?

On certain occasions, when we use our own device to access Facebook, it is very likely that we save the passwords for the  login of our account . However, not in all cases it is a good idea to do this, because anyone could easily access our personal information.

If you use a computer that is used by more people, it is best not to have this fast startup option activated. If you want to learn how to do it, in this article we will show you how to remove an automatic Facebook login by accessing your account from any device.

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  1. What to do to log out on all devices?
  2. How to remove facebook auto login?
    1. using mobile device
    2. with your computer
  3. Where to delete the saved password of your Facebook?
    1. With the Facebook app
    2. In Google Chrome
    3. From Firefox
  4. How to know if they have accessed your Facebook account?

What to do to log out on all devices?

If you want to close the Messenger or Facebook sessions you have open  on several devices, what you have to do is very quickly from the Facebook platform. The steps that we are going to explain to you now are the ones you must follow to do it from your account on a computer.

The first thing is to log in to your account and click on the triangle pointing down at the top right of the screen and go to ‘Settings and privacy’ . Then, click on the ‘Settings’ option and in the left side menu choose ‘Security and login’ where you will see all the devices where you logged in.

Now, select ‘See more’ and in the final part on the right you will see the option ‘Close all sessions’ that you must choose and all will automatically be closed.

How to remove facebook auto login?

Carrying out this process is completely simple with the options that the Facebook platform gives you, whether from your mobile or PC, we will show you how to do it.

using mobile device

If you are signing in on your mobile , in this case an Android, which has the options at the top; if it’s iPhone, the options are at the bottom. Touch the 3 horizontal lines on the right side and scroll down until you find ‘Logout’ ; when it closes completely you will see your account on the screen and 3 points next to it.

In the 3-dot icon that we mentioned, find and select the ‘Delete password’ option ; so, when you want to enter you will have to enter the password.

with your computer

From the computer the steps are a little different, since here the passwords are saved by the browser we use, in this case we will explain how to do it with Chrome. The first thing you should do is go to your Facebook account and in the triangle pointing down, look for and click on ‘Log out’ .

Once you’ve done that, go to Chrome’s ‘Settings’ by clicking the 3 horizontal dots on the right side of the screen. Inside, look among the options on the right for the ‘Autocomplete’ option and then go to ‘Passwords’ and search for Facebook  with your email. Touch the 3 dots and finally click ‘Remove’.

Where to delete the saved password of your Facebook?

To remove a saved password from your Facebook, you can do it from the Facebook platform or from the browser you’re using to access it.

With the Facebook app

From Facebook, what you should do is enter ‘Settings’ to access ‘Security and login’ and look for the option ‘Save your login information’ . There, tap on ‘Edit’ and tap on the devices you want to delete so that it deletes the password data you have.

In Google Chrome

To do it with the Google Chrome browser you must go to its ‘Settings’ and enter ‘Autocomplete’ and search for your Facebook password and easily remove it from there.

From Firefox

From the Firefox browser you must enter it and click on ‘Tools’ to access ‘Options’ and then on ‘Security’. There, you will be able to click and select the ‘Saved Passwords’ and look for the Facebook one to be able to remove it from the ones that were saved.

How to know if they have accessed your Facebook account?

When you go into ‘Security & Sign-in’ in ‘Settings’ you will see the places in ‘Where you signed in’ and what device you signed in from. If there is an unknown device, the best thing you can do is select the option ‘Close all sessions’ and that’s it.


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