How to remove all ads from an Android mobile

Step by step, we explain the different methods to remove all the annoying ads from your Android mobile from brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.Ads are one of the most annoying elements when using the smartphone, because no user likes having to constantly see advertising when using the terminal. However, removing all advertising to be able to use the mobile freely is possible. In this guide we explain the different methods available to remove all ads from an Android mobile .

Advertising is present in many sections of the phone, from the web browser to Facebook , through the application of messages. In addition, manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi also introduce their own advertisements on their terminals. Next, we analyze at length the presence of advertising on Android phones to explain how to end them.Removing all ads from your Android is possible, follow these steps to remove them.

Eliminate advertising from your Android mobile completely

There are numerous services and applications on your Android mobile in which you can find advertising. Next, we see how to remove the ads from each of these sections .

Remove pop-ups from Chrome

Of course, you can find advertising when browsing Google Chrome , not only as advertising sections on the web pages you visit, but also as pop-ups. These pop-ups can be really annoying and difficult to close , so it’s best to block them.

Fortunately, Chrome has an automatic pop-up blocker . It is possible that this tool has been deactivated on your mobile, which causes these ads to continue to appear. You can re- enable Chrome’s pop-up blocker , or verify that it is active, by following this process:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your mobile.
  2. Click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner.
  3. In the options menu, click on the “Settings” section.
  4. Access “Site Settings”.
  5. Go to “Pop-up windows and redirects”and check that the box is deactivated , as that means that pop-up windows cannot appear. You can also enter “Ads” to see that the tool is disabled and, thus, that invasive or deceptive ads are blocked.

If, after this check, the pop-ups continue to appear on your mobile when browsing with Google Chrome, it may be the fault of malicious software that has been installed on your terminal. Therefore, you will have to proceed to remove the virus from your phone .

Remove apps with ads

When downloading third-party applications from the Google Play Store or alternative methods, it is possible that these invade your mobile with advertisements in the form of notifications and even with advertisements that occupy the entire screen when you have other applications open. To know what application it is, and to be able to act against it, what you have to do is open the Multitasking screen . The last application that appears will be the one that is showing the application, and the one that you have to close .


How to use Instagram without seeing advertising


Another option to remove the ads is to pay for the premium version of the application, that is, subscribe to the paid version. This is usually the best option to get rid of advertising while you continue to enjoy the functions of the application.

Finally, if you do not want to support the ads and you do not want to pay for the premium version, it is best to remove the apps with ads. It is as simple as entering Settings> Applications , accessing the page of the application you want to remove and clicking on the “Uninstall” button .

Delete spam SMS

Advertising appears even in text messages on your mobile, something that is not a dish of good taste. However, the Android messaging app has been blocking spam SMS automatically since the end of December 2018, this being another of the most interesting native functions of this operating system. If you keep getting text messages with advertisements, you can follow these steps to activate the blocker or check that it is still active :

  1. Open the “Messages”app on your mobile.
  2. Click on the button with three dots that appears in the right corner of the search engine.
  3. Go to “Settings”and then “Spam protection” .
  4. Check the “Enable spam protection”box .
  5. Finally, on the main screen, you can click on the three-dot button again and enter “Spam and blocked”to see which spam messages the messaging app has automatically blocked.

Remove YouTube and Spotify ads

If you are a regular user of YouTube and Spotify , you will know that these two streaming platforms show ads every so often in their free versions. Before watching videos or listening to music, you have to wait a few seconds while watching or listening to the selected commercials . If this advertising bothers you, there is a clear solution: subscribe to the paid versions of both platforms.

On the one hand, there is YouTube Premium , which allows you to do without ads, be able to download content to watch it offline and watch videos in the background. This service offers a free first month for you to try, to go on to cost 11.99 euros per month later. It should be noted that there are other options to try YouTube Premium for free , so you can try those methods.

With the YouTube Premium subscription you can remove the ads.

If your intention is to listen to your favorite music without ads, you can subscribe to Spotify Premium . Other advantages of this service is to be able to skip all the songs you want and to be able to download them to your devices to listen to them without an Internet connection. There are several options to try Spotify Premium for free , so you can use it for a few days to see if this paid version will convince you. If you want the individual plan, it has a price of 9.99 euros per month .

In short, the best option to remove YouTube and Spotify ads is to subscribe to some of their paid plans .

Remove Facebook Ads

Yes, Facebook also has ads. It is enough to spend a few minutes browsing the social network to see how the algorithm shows personalized advertising to its users. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely eliminate Facebook ads , as they are an essential part of the platform’s survival, but you can ensure that these are not personalized based on your information and personal interests. This is the process:

  1. Open the Facebook application on your mobile.
  2. Click on the menu with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  3. Swipe down and enter “Settings and privacy”.
  4. Go to “Settings”.
  5. Within the “Permissions” section, go to “Ads preferences”.
  6. Go to the section “Ads settings”, in the upper right, because here are the most important sections to configure the advertising that Facebook shows you.
  7. Access the section “Member data about your activity”and deactivate all your accounts so that Facebook cannot take data from them to show you personalized ads.
  8. Repeat this procedure with all the“Ad Settings” tools to disable all the options that involve the collection of personal information for the personalization of advertising.

Another option to remove Facebook ads is to hide them directly when they appear in the “feed”. This means that that company will not show you the same ad again, as you have confirmed that you are not interested. Here’s how you can hide an ad when it appears on Facebook:

  1. Click on the three-dot button that appears in the upper right corner of the ad.
  2. In the options menu, select “Hide ad”.
  3. Indicate why the ad does not interest you and it will be hidden forever.

Remove ads from your Samsung mobile

It is one of the most negative points of Samsung mobiles, we say it often when we have the opportunity to analyze their models. We refer to advertising, which appears even on the most expensive mobiles of the firm. At the moment, there is no 100% effective method to remove this advertising, but you can do something to avoid seeing the notifications of ads on Samsung mobiles .

Turn off the personalization service

The first thing you can do with your Samsung mobile is deactivate the personalization service so that the firm stops using your data to show you one or the other ads. This is something that you can do directly if you configure your Samsung Galaxy correctly for the first time , although it is normal that you accept this service without realizing it at the beginning.

To deactivate the personalization service, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your mobile settings and tap on your username to access your Samsung account settings.
  • Enter the “Privacy” section .
  • Access the “Personalization service” section .
  • Uncheck the “Personalize this phone” box .

From the “Personalization services” section you can also download the data that Samsung has collected about you, as well as delete it completely . Finally, you can also set the signature to stop collecting data on all the devices that you have linked to your Samsung account.

Eliminate advertising notifications

The most common method that Samsung uses to show you advertising is push notifications that inform you about upcoming company launches, offers, and other information of interest . Fortunately, you can turn off these notifications so they don’t bother you anymore. If one of these notifications appears, you can block them forever by long pressing on it.

If Samsung hasn’t sent you any, but you still want to block them, follow these steps to do it permanently:

  • Enter the settings of your Samsung mobile.
  • Access the “Applications” section .
  • Click on “Galaxy Store” .
  • Go to “Notifications” .
  • Uncheck the “Promotions” box , which may also be called “Events.”

You can repeat this procedure with other Samsung applications that show you advertising, such as Samsung Health. Go to Settings> Applications> Samsung Health> Notifications and disable commercial notifications . Progressively, application by application, you can end advertising on your Samsung mobile.

Remove advertising from your Xiaomi mobile

As with Samsung, advertising is one of the most negative aspects of Xiaomi smartphones. Ads are very common in MIUI, although you can apply various changes to reduce their presence. To do this, you must first make sure that your mobile is connected to the Internet . Once this aspect is verified, do this to remove the advertising from your Xiaomi :

  • Enter the settings of your Xiaomi mobile.
  • Tap on “Passwords and security . 
  • Access “Authorization and revocation” .
  • Uncheck the “msa” box, you must wait a few seconds to be able to click on the “Revoke” button . If the system tells you it can’t be done, try again until it leaves you.

Another procedure that you must follow to remove advertising from your Xiaomi mobile is the following:

  • Enter the Xiaomi mobile settings.
  • Tap on “Passwords and security . 
  • Access “Privacy” .
  • Scroll down and enter “Advertising Services” .
  • Clear the “Personalized ad recommendations” box .


If you follow the steps explained in all the previous procedures, you will be able to say goodbye to the annoying advertising that often invades your smartphone. They are simple methods , so it will not take you any time to apply them to eliminate once and for all the ads in the different sections of the phone.

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