How to remove a watermark from a video

Six proven methods for all platforms.Like any other digital content, video on the Internet belongs to someone. Owners don’t always welcome others to use their work. In order not to violate copyright and the law, it is allowed to remove watermarks only on those videos that have a free license. And also in case the video belongs to you or you asked permission from the owner.

How to remove a watermark from a video in a browser online

  • The easiest option is dedicated online tools. For example, from Hitpaw: It’s free and runs in a browser on desktop and mobile.
  • Follow the link and add a video by dragging and dropping it into the editor window or by selecting it via the Choose File button.
  • Select one or more areas with a watermark and on the timeline at the bottom, set the time interval when they are displayed. Click Save.
  • Wait while the video is being processed. The time depends on the length of the video and its resolution.
  • Review the result and, if you are satisfied with everything, click Download to save the video to downloads.

How to remove a watermark from a video on macOS

On Apple computers, the choice is not so great: you can use an online tool or the free open source Avidemux editor. It is also available for Windows and Linux, by the way.

Install Avidemux from the link and run.

Drag the video into the program window or add it via the menu.

Select “Output Video” Mpeg4 AVC (x264) from the drop-down menu and click the “Filters” button that appears.

Open the “Sharpness” section and double click on the Mplayer delogo2 filter.

Select the watermarked area and enable Preview to see the result immediately. Click OK.

Click “Close”.

Click on the floppy disk icon on the toolbar, select a location to save the file and click Save.

Wait for the end of processing.

How to remove watermark from video in Linux

Users of Linux distributions have more choice: an online editor, free Avidemux and the ffmpeg console utility are available , on the basis of which, by the way, Avidemux is built. The mentioned tools work in the same way as described above. But with ffmpeg, you need to act differently: it works through terminal commands.

Open the “Program Manager” from the menu or search.

Search for the ffmpeg package and click on it.

Click Install.

Now place the watermarked video on your desktop and rename it to in.mp4. You don’t have to do this, but then you will have to substitute your file name in the command.

Open a terminal and enter the command cd Desktop .

Copy and paste the following command into the terminal: ffmpeg -i FILE_NAME -vf “delogo = x = AAA: y = BBB: w = CCC: h = DDD” -c: a copy output.mp4 . Replace AAA and BBB with the x and y coordinates of the watermark in pixels, respectively. And instead of CCC and DDD – the width and height of the stamp itself. You should end up with something like ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -vf “delogo = x = 1550: y = 830: w = 100: h = 100” -c: a copy output.mp4 .

Wait while the video is being processed.

Check the result in the output.mp4 file that appears on your desktop.

How to remove watermark from video in Windows

Windows PC owners have the most options. All of the above tools are available for them, as well as the EasePaint Watermark Remover program. It costs $ 9, but you can process five videos for free before purchasing a license. For a single use, this may be sufficient.

Download the program from the link , install and run it.

Select Video Watermark Remover.

Drag the watermarked video into the EasePaint window.

Check the box next to Source Folder to save to the original folder or specify another by clicking Custom. Click Segment Trim.

Select the area with the watermark, specify the duration of its display and click Add.

If there is more than one stamp, select all the others by re-using the Segment Trim button. Then click Apply.

Click Evaluate and wait while the program processes the video.

How to remove watermark from video on iPhone and iPad

There are many different applications on iOS for these purposes, but half of them do not work properly, and the other is expensive. From sensible options, we can recommend Video Eraser. The program copes well with its functions and is free at the same time. The app contains ads that can be removed if you want for 99 rubles. Of the minuses, perhaps only mediocre localization.

video eraser -Remove Watermark

  • Install and run the application. Tap the plus sign and then “Photos Library”.
  • Select a video in the gallery and click Done.
  • Tap the  icon next to the video, select Remove Watermark. Then select the desired area in the frame and click “Start”.

At the end of the process, the video will appear on the “Processed” tab. Push and select Save to Camera Feed.

How to remove watermark from videos on Android devices

On Android, the situation with applications for removing stamps is about the same as on iOS. Of the working and stable options, the free Video Eraser can be distinguished.

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