How to remove a virus from my PC without an Antivirus program

One of the best instruments that have ever been created, used by millions of people around the world and with an extensive number of makes and models with different functions. Every year, new features and tools are implemented to make it much more complete and versatile. Made in a way that meets all the needs of its users: the computer.

This kit is without a doubt on anyone’s wish list today. Due to the importance of digital activities and tasks . So, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop, it will always be important to have a computer in your home and, of course, in your office.

Exposed to risks

But as extraordinary as it may seem, your computer also has the possibility of presenting both physical and system damage. For this reason, it is important that you know the structure of your computer, as well as the different ways in which you can perform some type of maintenance to guarantee the optimal performance of your PC .

This does not necessarily mean that you must have computer skills. However, there are so many avenues of learning today that, if your spirit of inquiry is inspired, you can have. At least, basic computer skills to solve problems that, at first, might seem very difficult to solve, but that, in reality, the solution is simple.

An antivirus for your computer

One of the simple measures that you can take to preserve the proper functioning and optimal performance of your computer is to keep an antivirus that is truly capable of detecting problems on your computer.

Currently, operating systems such as Windows 10, have their own protection system that has a high rate of effectiveness when it comes to detecting and solving system problems , as well as in the elimination of malware.

Effectiveness issues

However, people who do not have other operating systems, must turn to other software to protect their computer. Now, some antivirus have really misleading offers and are not more effective when it comes to removing malware from your computer .

Well, some malware is really difficult to remove, but those that can even pay a large amount of money for a quality service that does not end up being such a thing.

How to remove a virus without antivirus

To all this, some people (including you, if you are reading this) have thought or decided to solve, by their own means, these problems and uncomfortable situations caused by malware that you can eliminate .

Of course, for this you would need a slight knowledge of computer science to understand how the procedure is carried out. However, you do not have to worry too much if you do not have any knowledge, also, in this article, you will have all the details, explanations and instructions necessary to carry out the complete elimination of the virus .

What do you need?

The first thing you should know to eliminate a virus manually without the need to download, install and buy an antivirus, is to identify the problem that your computer is presenting. If it is malware, ideally you should have full knowledge of its location. For the rest, follow these instructions:

  • Press the Windows + R keys.
  • Enter “msconfig” and then click the “OK” button.
  • Go to the “Services” tab.
    • In this section, you will see all the processes that are running on your computer. Malware usually has quite strange and long names, so it will be easy to identify.
  • Identify the malware within the list of services.
  • Uncheck the box for malware.

Eliminate waste

Unchecking the service used by the malware to harm your computer, if it is a program, it is best to start with the removal of files used by the malware to ensure that nothing of the virus remains.

Protect your computer!

The recommendation that has always been made and will always be made is the installation of the best antivirus on your computer , since it is the easiest and fastest way to detect and eliminate viruses. However, you can ensure the safety of your computer with these manual actions.


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