How to remove a shine or reflection in Photoshop easily

Photoshop is a program with which you can make photographic retouching, you can also retouch the images and frame them. Likewise, you can apply more light, intensity, color, convert to black and white, eliminate reflections, brightness and much more.

At the same time with the editing program it is possible to eliminate the brightness that is displayed when taking a portrait, the brightness or reflection of the light affects the image and damages the quality of it. Therefore, it is in this article we will explain in detail how to remove a shine or reflection in Photoshop.

Photoshop: Easily remove glare or reflection from an image

First of all, in order to correct it, you have to open the program and insert the image you want to modify. Once you have it in the program, you must duplicate the layer in the menu on the right side, that way the changes will remain in the new layer to be able to easily correct it.

Also on the layer there is an option that is by default in normal and contains a drop-down menu, when you click it, several options are displayed where you must select the “darken” option . Additionally, the ” correction brush tool  must be selected, which can be found in the menu on the left side. With it you can choose where the image will be cloned.

Also in the upper menu in the “sample” option you   can find the current layer, you must also click to select: “all”. It is important to note that to better visualize the work to be carried out, the help of the Zoom tool can be implemented. Then the healing brush tool is selected again.

Having selected the tool, you need the help of the alt key and click to copy the part of the image that will serve to cover or replace the one that contains the reflection or brightness in the image. In this way it will be copied and when clicking again the reflection will be corrected.

At the end, the Zoom can be eliminated and so that the retouching that has been implemented is not so noticeable, you can play with the opacity, adapting it to the level you want. In this way, unwanted glare or reflections in a portrait can be eliminated.

Fix face brightness with Photoshop

It should be mentioned that there is another method to correct the brightness of the skin when taking a photograph, for this you have to insert the photo and create a new layer in Photoshop. Then in the left menu where all the tools are found, select the ” eyedropper tool  .

With this tool you can select the color you want for makeup, which is the skin tone that is without shine or reflection. Selecting will display the hue in the color palette at the bottom of the left menu.

Then select the “brush tool” silk right click and select “blur” , then select the most comfortable size to be able to paint on the face. Afterwards, the touch-up can be applied to the entire skin so that the color is uniform.

Likewise, an opacity can be applied to the brush so that the retouch is not very noticeable and is not so strong. The opacity option is in the top menu just above the portrait, by default it is 100 but you can set the levels to 40 if you wish. In this way the change will be disguised.

Once the entire surface of the skin to be made up has been covered, at the end the help of the “eraser tool” can be implemented . Right-click to select the size and you can remove excess makeup correction. This way, there will be no touch-ups outside the desired area.

In short, you must work with patience, tranquility and delicacy to obtain the best results with the tools within the brightness correction in the Photoshop program.


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