How to remove a device connected to my Netflix account

Netflix has several very outstanding forms of security, such as putting codes, blocking your account or another of them would be to be able to see which devices are connected to your account. Hence, it is now possible who is connecting to your account and from what place. Well, not only that, with this function you can also see those devices that are no longer registered to your account through a method that is very easy to apply.

As streaming television is very fashionable, the idea of creating an account and also sharing a Netflix account among several people has become very common. Of course, this requires that an appropriate plan must be chosen so that several devices can be used simultaneously. Even creating a profile for each user without much difficulty, it is actually quite simple.

How to Delete a Device Connected to my Netflix Account and Unlink It Completely

In spite of everything, your Netflix password may at some point fall into the hands of other unknown people. So, to make sure that this will not happen with your account, it is best to check which devices are connecting to it.

You also have the option that the platform allows you to check the titles of the viewing history and check the IP addresses of the people connected to be able to delete them from your account. Be that as it may, we recommend that you take the following steps that we are going to describe.


  • Settings to view devices connected to your Netflix account.
  • Procedure to remove any device from your Netflix account.

Settings to view devices connected to your Netflix account.

  • Step 1: log into your Netflix account
  • Step 2: if you enter from your computer or from your laptop, click where it says “Profile” and then where it says “Account”.
  • Step 3: if you decide to enter from your mobile device,click where it says “More” which is indicated by three horizontal bars, which you will find in the upper right corner of your monitor. Then, the mobile App will direct you to the Netflix settings in your own browser.
  • Step 4: then choose the alternative “View history”.
  • Step 5: being here, you will be able to visualize all the programs you have watched lately. This is the occasion to check that everything is going well, and by the way you can check the logins that have occurred recently.
  • Step 6: Enter where it says “ Recent activity of the device”, there you will be able to see all the logins that have been made in your account.
  • Step 7: once here, you will have access to the last date of use and the IP address , including, you will be able to see the site where your account was last accessed on each device. You will also be able to know which was the last device that they used to enter your account.

Finally, what would be missing is to find out if the device that connected to your account belongs to one of your relatives, acquaintances or a stranger who has connected without your approval. By doing so, you can now delete it from your account.

Procedure to remove any device from your Netflix account.

  • First: You must enter your Netflix account.
  • Second: From your computer, click where it says “Profile” and then choose the “Account” option. Once there, Netflix gives you access to its website to continue with the procedure.
  • Third: Go down until you get to the “Settings” part and click where it says ” Manage download devices.”
  • Fourth: Start looking for the device that you are going to delete from your account and when you find it, click where it says ” Delete device“.
  • Fifth: Proceed to confirm that you seriously want to remove such a device from your Netflix account, and you are done.

After you have taken all the steps described above, the device that you previously selected will have been deleted from your Netflix account and you will no longer be able to access it no matter how hard you try . Additionally, any download on the device will be eliminated and you will no longer have authorization to download and transmit unless you add it again yourself.


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