How to reinstall DirectX 12

  • As an essential component of your Windows 10, DirectX should run by default on the latest version, DirectX 12.
  • This article covers some possible solutions to help you make sure your Windows 10 runs on DirectX 12.
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DirectX 12 is the latest version of DirectX, a set of indispensable application programming interfaces for multimedia, video, and game programming purposes.

When it is already installed in the operating system, DirectX will automatically update itself every time Windows checks for updates.

However, your system might be running on older versions of DirectX because certain programs are preventing reinstallation of the latest version or because the update process failed when updating / reinstalling Windows 10.

First, you need to check which version of DirectX your operating system uses. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows + R keys on the keyboard.
  2. In the Run box , type dxdiag .
  3. Press Enter .

If DirectX 12 is not listed, and since there is no separate package for this version, we recommend the following solutions.

Contents index

  • How do I reinstall DirectX 12?
    • Check for updates
    • Run the DirectX end-user runtime installer

How do I reinstall DirectX 12?

1. Check for updates

  1. Open the Start menu > Settings app > Update & security .
  2. Click Check for updates .

Windows usually updates automatically. But if updates are missing, this action should solve the problem. Wait for the process to finish and make another attempt to see the version of DirectX.

Can’t see the Check for updates button in Windows 10? Check out this guide then

2. Run the DirectX end-user runtime installer

If the game requests DirectX 11 while it is running, you can run it in compatibility mode. To do so, right click on the game icon> Properties> Compatibility tab> Check Run this program in compatibility mode for> Choose the correct operating system> Apply> OK.


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