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Imwu is a popular youth VR game with elements of a social network. It allows you to create your character in a fact-based game format, meet other real people, create your own games and much more. is still wildly popular abroad and in Russia, as part of the game is Russified.

The game collects a lot of positive feedback from satisfied players, but beginners may have problems starting the game due to the lack of sufficient information on the Internet about the registration process at IMVU. How to register for Imva will be described in detail in this article.


In the old version of the game, one might say, there was the simplest registration, which even inexperienced users could easily go through. After the release of the update, this process became noticeably complicated, but users still found a way to register according to the old scheme. But soon the developers found out about this “loophole”, and now access is open only through the updated program.

First you need to find the site of the updated IMVU. This is done through the search engine of any browser: . You can also download the official game for IOS or Android. After that, you need to click on the registration icon and proceed directly to the process itself.

Step-by-step instruction

Next, the player will have to choose the gender of his future avatar, as well as his skin color. The next moment is the choice of the character’s outerwear. After completing work on the appearance, you need to click on the create account button and proceed to filling in personal data.

4 fields will be presented for filling, namely:

  • Name (name);
  • E-mail;
  • Password (password);
  • Birthday (birthday).

In the NAME column, you just need to enter your name without a surname. In the E-mail section, the address of the mailbox is indicated. In the PASSWORD item, you need to generate a strong password, it is better to write it down right away, since it will not be very easy to recover.

The date of birth is indicated in the BIRTHDAY field, and it is recommended to enter the correct data, since when restoring your account, support will ask you to indicate the birthday specified during registration.

You also need to pay attention to the name of the character. Initially, it is formed as the name of the mailbox. After filling in all the registration points, you will need to change it if you wish. To do this, just click on the pencil icon next to the name and enter a new one. After completing these steps, you can safely press the CREATE ACCOUNT button. This will send an email confirmation of your account. To start playing Imwa, you just need to follow the link in this letter.

After completing the registration, you can safely start playing, joining the ranks of the avatars of the 3D world of If you have any difficulties with entering the site or during the game, you can always write to technical support. With such customer care and quick responses, the game attracts customers. At the moment, this is the best offer of all the presented VR games.

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