How to register with the IMSS if you are a university student

It is true that being a student grants you many additional benefits , of course, in addition to access to education. Among them, such as discounts with your student credential, free Office for students, access to credit cards for students and even a preferential rate on Spotify, but one of the most important is having IMSS insurance .

But do you know what to do to register with the IMSS and enjoy this benefit ? And it is that it never hurts to have health coverage insurance.


What is facultative insurance or insurance for students?

It is a medical insurance scheme to which all students  of upper secondary, higher and postgraduate levels,  enrolled in public schools , in face-to-face and online modalities are entitled .

It is important to note that this insurance is granted, free of charge, by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) , which includes the following:

  • medical consultation services;
  • laboratory analysis and X-rays;
  • provision of medicines;
  • hospitalization and surgery;
  • care during pregnancy, and

Although there is no age limit to enjoy this insurance and it is for all students of the aforementioned levels, the only requirement is that students are not affiliated with other insurance: ISSSTE, PEMEX or the IMSS itself, either through their parents or as part of the benefits of the company where they work.

How to register for the IMSS online, as a student

Now, to enjoy the benefits of facultative insurance, it  is necessary to register with the IMSS . The process is very simple, and only consists of 3 steps :

These three steps  can be done online  or in person. This time we will explain how to register online. Well, in person, you must follow the instructions that the clinic staff that corresponds to you will give you.

  1. Get your Social Security Number (SSN).

It may be that your school gives you the NNS so that you can go to register at the clinic, otherwise you will have to start by locating your NNS and be the one who gives it to the school to register you as a student.

If the latter is your case, there are two ways to locate your social security number:

    • The first one is by  entering the  Affiliate IMSS page . There you must choose option 1:  Obtain or locate your Social Security Number (SSN) . Subsequently, provide your CURP and a valid email in the spaces indicated. Finally, download your SSN and the provisional card to access the IMSS services.
    • The second way is by  downloading the IMSS Digital Appto your cell phone  . In it you should go to the option  Assignment of SSN  and, in the same way, you will fill in the corresponding fields with your CURP and email, and then download your SSN and provisional card.
  1. Verify that your school has enrolled you in the IMSS

Once you have your SSN,  on the same page  Join the IMSS , select option 2:  Verify that your school has registered you with the IMSS . Again, you will need to provide your CURP, email and now, also, your SSN. After doing so, you can  download your Certificate of Validity of Rights. This certificate indicates whether or not you are entitled to student insurance.

Or, you can also do it through the IMSS Digital App .

  1. Register in the clinic that corresponds to you.

Finally, again on the Affiliate IMSS page , press the button for option 3:  Register at the clinic that corresponds to you . At this point in the process,  you must provide your address information: postal code and address. Likewise, you will choose the  clinic  and the attention shift: morning or evening.

Finally,  print the documents generated : registration receipt, national health card and registration application. Once these documents are printed, press the button “exit the process”.

And that’s it, you are already registered with the IMSS and you can go to the selected clinic whenever you want or need.


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