How to register with Paladins

How to register with Paladins.


  • registration
  • Buying and downloading a game

Paladins is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter developed by Hi-Rez Studios. The debut of the game (early access) took place in September 2016 on the Steam gaming platform. Already in the first week of release, over 800 thousand downloads of the distribution kit were recorded.

The gameplay of Paladins consists of a team confrontation (the player is enrolled in one of the teams) and control of the champion (a character with special characteristics). The victory is awarded to the team that has achieved the set goal. The missions for the warring parties vary depending on the game mode.

In Paladin, champions are divided into 4 classes:

  • Damage is a hero who can deal a lot of damage to the enemy (base firepower of the team).
  • Flank – characters that hit key targets and prevent the enemy from conducting hostilities.
  • Tank – Defenders with a high survival rate.
  • Support – a hero with advanced healing skills and abilities to perform useful combat missions (slowing down, stunning opponents).

In the personal settings of the heroes of the game, the map system is used. With it, you can increase / decrease the character’s abilities. Cards are collected in decks. Each champion can have up to 5 decks.

During a combat match, a player can buy items with bonuses (increased damage, deterioration, healing of the enemy). Payment is made in game currency (credits), which is earned by the player passively as he participates in battles.

Next, we will consider how to register in Paladins in various ways, how to buy a game (license) and download it to your computer.


You can create an account in the game on the official website of the developer Hi-Rez Studios in two ways. Let’s consider their step by step implementation.

Attention! If the offsite menu is displayed in a foreign language, click the “LANGUAGE” option at the top, and then select “Russian” from the menu.

Method number 1: standard registration

  1. Click on the “Account” section in the upper menu of the site.
  2. Select the “Create …” subsection.
  3. Place a “bird” next to the inscription “I am over 13 years old …” to remove the age limit.

If you have been invited to play the game by a friend who is already registered on the site, also mark with a “bird” the line “I was invited …” and indicate the nickname or email of the friend in the field that opens.

  1. Click the “Create an account …” button.
  2. Enter the data in the form:
  • nickname– your nickname in the game;
  • password(in the second and third lines, enter a burglar-resistant alphanumeric combination);
  • email(full email address – login @ domain of the mail service).
  1. Click the “I’m not a robot” box.
  2. In the panel with the captcha, complete the task (select a picture by attribute).
  3. Click on “Create Account”.

Method number 2: through an account on the social network

This option for creating a follow-up account is easier and faster. But it is only possible if you have a Google or Facebook account.

  1. Open the registration panel (see instructions for method # 1).
  2. Select the social network account with which you want to register in Paladins (Google or Facebook).
  3. Log in to the social network profile in the additional window.
  4. Allow access to personal account data.
  5. Click the box in the “I’m not a robot” block.

Buying and downloading a game

You can follow the link to purchase and download the distribution kit directly in your account profile, in the “Your games” section (in the preview block, the link “Download client”).

Or in the “Store” section of the offsite.

Click on the “Windows” distribution kit in the menu (purchase and installation into games in the OS).

Note. The “Steam” button is an option for purchasing and downloading Paladins on the Steam website. If you have a Steam account, click this button, log in (login and password of your account on the platform) and follow the instructions of the service.

On the opened tab, authorize:

  • enter your username and password, captcha (“I’m not a robot” window);
  • click “LOGIN”.

To complete the purchase of the distribution kit you are interested in, click the “BUY” button in its block.

Review the purchase requisition details (what version and cost). If everything is correct, click on the inscription “Checkout”.

Select a payment method (bank account, electronic payment system), specify your payment details. Follow the prompts of the service to complete the purchase, obtain and install the licensed distribution kit on your computer.

Enjoy your vacation and great victories on the Paladins virtual battlefield!

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