How to register or create an account on Wallapop to sell?

Ecommerce is advancing by leaps and bounds as more and more options exist to purchase products and services online. There are many platforms that are used in ecommerce such as Wallapop. It’s an excellent platform to sell from the comfort of your home and you can create an account in a matter of minutes.

Wallapop is the most popular e-commerce platform for buying and selling that currently exists. Only in 2017 did it become one of the most downloaded applications in Spain .

It is used to buy second-hand objects or sell everything that you no longer use . It is a good option to find something at a ridiculous price, to get that antique that you want so much or to get some extra money by selling things that you do not use.

How to register in Wallapop?

Registration can be done from the official website or from your mobile. The application is available in the App Store of iOS devices and in the Play Store of Android devices.

To register from the page, click on the button located in the upper right part of the screen «Login or register». The procedure is similar for the application.

Fill in your name, email address, and password . The password must be strong and at least eight characters long. You can also register with your Facebook account or your Google account.

To complete the registration they send you a message to your email to validate the account. Enter your inbox to check the email and open the link that allows you to validate the account.

So that you can sell and buy it is recommended that you configure your profile previously . Place a profile photo so that other users know you, choose the location to see ads near you and other information that is useful to validate your identity.

Tips for buying and selling on Wallapop

Check the seller’s reputation

Before making any type of transaction with another user in Wallapop, it is best to verify the information and the reputation of the user . Click on his image to see his profile, how many sales he has previously made and what has been the score that other users have given him.

Check the product specifications

Before making a safe purchase,  it is best to review the product specifications in detail. Compare in another portal if the characteristics are the same as those shown in the publication. This applies more to electronic devices, but it is an excellent alternative to avoid being fooled.

Verify device operation

If you are going to buy an electrical appliance, it is best to ask the seller to show you proof of its operation . You can ask for a video where you can see that it works correctly with electrical current and without any failure.

If the product is to be delivered to you in person, you can check its operation yourself . As if you are going to remove it somewhere, take a few minutes to check that everything works well.

Use secure payment methods

Use payment methods that guarantee that your money will be safe in case you come across a scam. Paypal is one of those payment methods that serve as a support to help buyers who have been scammed, as it helps victims to get their money back.

Wallapay is the secure payment method that exists within the Wallapop platform . To use this tool, users must provide their real data and bank information. If you don’t want to use digital payments, there is always the payment option in hand, where you pay when you receive the product


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