How to register or create an account at Disney Magic

In 1923, businessman Walter Disney, the forerunner of animation in the USA, created one of the oldest and most popular means of communication in the world. This well-known entertainment outlet was named Disney in honor of its founder.

You can currently find the official Disney page on the website where you can read news and information about Disney Plus accounts and watch trailers for upcoming releases. In addition to getting information, you can create an account at Disney Magical Birthday.

What is Disney Magic Birthday?

Disney Magic Birthday is an extension of the official website with which you can create a personalized video of congratulations to surprise your children, brothers, nephews, grandchildren and friends.

How to register or create an account at Disney Magic Birthday?

All or at least most of the people are Disney fans, therefore, if the birthday of one of your loved ones is approaching, you can surprise him with a super special video.

On the Disney Magic Birthday website you can register and get an account so you can create a fun, short, unique and personalized video of congratulations .

If you still do not have an account at Disney Magical Birthday, do not worry because in this article we will indicate all the steps you will have to follow to register on this page .

The first thing you should do to begin the registration process is to enter the Disney website and locate a button called “Magic Birthday” in the main menu of the page . You can access Disney Magical Birthday, from your mobile, laptop or tablet.

Once you press the button, a tab with the official page of Disney Magical Birthdays will automatically open , there you will see a presentation where the most popular characters and loved by children will be present, a short introduction on how to create the video and the responses of the most common questions.

On that page you will find the “Start” button . When you press it, you can choose the Disney character you like the most or the birthday boy’s favorite.

Following that, you will be able to personalize the greeting by selecting the name of the birthday boy , the date of birth and entering the relationship you have with the honoree.

Finally you can select the “create account” button , this is just below the “Login” button. By selecting it you will access a form.

In the form you will have to enter the following information: names, surname, email, your gender and your date of birth. You will also have to invent a password to access the page again. You can then check a box that will offer you the option to receive updates, news and offers from Disney.

It is important that you read the terms of use and privacy policy of  the site and the privacy policy of children to avoid further inconvenience.

Then you will have to select your country of origin, clicking on Change. And finally, finish the steps by pressing Create account. Following that, you can finish creating the congratulations video.

At the end of the registration, the page will indicate that the magic greeting has been created and you can download the video , obtain the link and share it on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.


The characters that are available to star in the videos are: Mickey Mouse, Princesses, Nivis friends from another world, Kion of the lion guard, Princess Sofia and Captain Topa.

Advantages and disadvantages

The videos are approximately 42 seconds long and in case you don’t download it, it will be available for 30 days after the birthday date. In addition, if you wish, you can comment on whether or not the birthday boy liked the gift and leave them your opinion about the operation of the page using the hashtag # DisneyBirthdayMagic .

Children deserve the best on their birthday and that is why creating a Disney Magic Birthday video is a good option.

They are children’s videos dedicated to the little ones, but if the birthday boy is a fan of Disney Plus or any of the available characters, it does not matter how old he is because they are entertaining and good quality videos, so I hope he will love it.


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