How to register on

How to register on


  • registration
  • Email confirmation
  • Registering for an Xbox account

Xbox Live (X Box Live) is an online service from Microsoft for the Xbox 360 / One gaming platform. Integrated into the operating system of game consoles, and is also available on the official website (can be used on a PC running Windows).

The Live gaming community options provide the ability to communicate with other participants during gameplay, watch videos, and listen to audio tracks. Keep statistics of achievements in game projects Xbox Games. Participate in online battles (Live supports up to 128 people).

Use additional services:

  • fm– online music radio stations;
  • MSN– entertainment news portal;
  • Foxtel– TV programs (on demand and live);
  • Game Room– a virtual library of retro games;
  • access to Youtube, IPTV and more.

This guide will walk you through signing up for Xbox Live and setting up your account.


  1. Open the platform’s official website in a browser –
  2. In the site header (Microsoft panel), click the “Sign in” link.
  3. In the authorization form, left-click under the fields the inscription “Create it!”. Provide all the required information on the “Create Account” page.
  4. Type your first and last name.
  5. Enter a valid email address.

If you want to create a mailbox in Outlook (Microsoft mail service) during registration, under the “Username” field, click the “Get a new address” add-in, and then type a unique login (after entering it, the message “Name… available” should appear). If necessary, change the email domain name from to (click the arrow on the right side of the field).

  1. In the next two lines, enter a complex password (make a sequence of Latin letters and numbers 10-15 characters long).
  2. Country: Click to open the list and select your country.
  3. In the “Date of birth” block, set the required day / month / year.
  4. “Help … protect … information”: set the international dialing country code and your mobile number (used for additional authentication).
  5. Retype the letters and numbers from the image in the “Enter characters …” field.

Advice! If you cannot read the symbolic combination, click the “New” button to change the picture.

  1. Optionally, you can connect the Microsoft mailing list by email. To do this, click on the “Send me special offers …” box.
  2. Click on “Create Account”.

Email confirmation

If all the data has been entered correctly, a message will appear stating that a verification letter has been sent to your email address.

  1. Go to the specified e-mail box.
  2. Open the email from Microsoft.
  3. In the text, click the “Confirm” button.

Attention! You may need a special security code, also provided in the letter. Save it to a separate text file or rewrite it on a piece of paper so as not to lose it.

  1. In a new tab, under the message “Done! Thanks for checking … ”, click“ OK ”.

Registering for an Xbox account

Upon completion of registration, the browser will redirect to the “Create a profile …” page.

  1. Set labels:
  • “I want to receive …”– if you want to connect to the Xbox newsletter;
  • “My contact information …”– a subscription to receive information about additional entertainment products of the service.
  1. Click the “I Accept” button.
  2. In the personal profile pane, in the list on the right, click Change Gamertag.
  3. Select one of the nicknames created by the service (left-click on it) or enter your own in the field “… new gamertag”.
  4. Click on “Check Availability”.
  5. After a successful check for uniqueness (the service will inform you that the nickname you have specified in the system is not used by another participant), activate the “Send request” command by clicking.

Attention! The new tag will appear in the profile after the next authorization.

  1. Return to the “Profile” tab and go to the “Configure Profile” section.
  2. Click “Change Picture” to replace the default avatar with your own.
  3. Click “Customize Avatar” to change its appearance.

Attention! To use this option, you need to install the Silver Light applet into your operating system. The service automatically detects its absence and provides a download link.

  1. To verify your phone:
  • open: Profile → Privacy settings;
  • in the form, indicate the last four digits of the phone number;
  • click “Submit Code”;
  • in the field that opens, enter the verification code from the received SMS message.

Enjoy your time on the Xbox Live portal!


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