How to register on the Sims 3 website

How to register on the Sims 3 website.


  • Create a profile
  • Setting up a profile is a community of Sims 3 fans – a continuation of the mega-popular life simulator created by Maxis studio, led by game designer R. Humble, in 2009.

On the pages of the Sims Fan Portal, you can find out a lot of useful and interesting things about this game: familiarize yourself with the Sims forum directory, read the latest news about the project, join the group on popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter), and look into the community diary.

Plus, a store is open on the site where you can buy not only the base Sims game and add-ons, but also a variety of sets, catalogs, exclusive content (household appliances, magic, furniture, entertainment), a collection of establishments, SimPoints.

Create a profile

Registration on the Sims 3 portal is free of charge. To register, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the main page of the community –
  2. Click with the mouse on the inscription “Create an account!”.
  3. Enter a valid email address and click the “Start registration” button. Fill out the registration form on the page that opens.

Advice! If you already have a licensed game, before registering, indicate its license key in the “Product number” field. Thus, upon completion of the profile creation, you will automatically have access to all portal resources.

  1. “Nickname” – your nickname on the site (do not forget to keep its length – from 4 to 16 characters).

Attention! Fields marked with “*” are required.

  1. “Email address” – email.
  2. “Password”, “Enter again …”: compose a strong password (at least 10-12 characters) from English letters (uppercase and lowercase) and numbers.
  3. “Date of birth”: by clicking the mouse, open the list in each field (day, date, month) and select the required value.
  4. Indicate the country of residence, language.
  5. “Gender”: Click on the “Man” or “Woman” button.
  6. Optionally, set the checkboxes in the add-ons “Notify me …” (connection of mailing by email) and “Send information …”.
  7. Click the “I have read and accept …” box.
  8. Click Register.

Setting up a profile

  1. After submitting the completed registration form, the “Welcome …” page will open in your browser. Click the “My Page” link under the text of this message.
  2. Select the required menu item under the avatar to edit or enter personal data and view statistics.
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