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Online services that combine a video game store and a social network for gamers have long taken their place among gamers. So, Uplay is a gaming platform from the French company Ubisoft. The portal combines the following functions:

  • sale of official digital products;
  • support for multiplayer mode;
  • downloading, installing and launching all the games of the company;
  • communication between players – in private messages or communities;
  • View the latest news from Ubisoft.

The service is supported by many operating systems (Windows, OS X, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, iOS, Android). To use all the features of the platform, you need to register with Uplay or log into an existing account. Let’s consider the first case completely.

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To start registration, go to the official Uplay website by finding it in a search engine or by clicking on the link: On the first page, you can see a brief description of the system and various buttons to navigate to other sections of the site.

To create a new account, click on the gray icon in the upper right corner – the last button in the menu.

This will open a new browser page – “Login | Ubisoft Connect ”. If you have an account in the system, you must fill in the fields “E-mail address” and “Password” or use the “Forgot your password?” Button to restore your login data. The platform also allows you to log in with your Facebook, Microsoft account, Twitch or Sony account. Otherwise, click on the words “Create an account”.


The “Create Account | Ubisoft Connect ”. Review the rules for choosing an email, password and username and fill in the appropriate fields.

Check the box next to “I accept the Ubisoft Terms of Service, Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy” and click on the “Create Ubisoft Account” button.

After successful registration, the account creation window will close. Now, on the home page in the upper right corner, you can click on the same gray icon to see your profile data and use some functions. Among them:

  • viewing the latest notifications;
  • group creation;
  • setting up user data;
  • receiving recommendations from the Ubisoft Store;
  • buying games;
  • an appeal to support the platform;
  • log out of the account.

It is unnecessary to confirm your account using an email.

So, the task of registering a new profile in Ubisoft will not be difficult even for a novice user. To do this, it is enough to follow the small instructions and recommendations of the site.

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