How to register in the game Heroes at War

Despite the fact that browser strategy is a very popular genre, truly original and interesting games of this type are rarely released. Very rarely. Therefore, the emergence of such an MMO strategy as Heroes at War immediately attracted attention. For that matter, at the very beginning it appeared on smartphones, but it became so popular there that the developers decided to make a browser out of it. And they did the right thing, by the way, judging by the reaction of the players. But, in order to evaluate this project, you need to register in it. It is not easy to do this, but very simple, but, just in case, we will still describe the whole process for you.

The start of registration is quite expected – you need to go through the Green button in order to get to the main page of the game.

Here you will immediately see the registration form – it is located in the center of the screen, do not miss it. There are only two fields to fill out.

one.The first is for your email. Enter the address that you visit at least sometimes.

2.And the second field, it’s the last one, is needed for your password. Think of something that no one else can easily guess.

Now click on the “Play” button and start having fun.

Another registration option is through social networks. Simple and fast. Click on one of the social media icons located at the very top of the registration form (choose your network, of course), enter your data, confirm access (if necessary), and play. As said, quickly and easily.

Why Heroes at War is so good

Well, there are a lot of pluses here, that’s for sure. Let’s start with what is visible from the first moments, with beautiful graphics. All animations are worked out, your castle and its surroundings are drawn, as they say, with a soul, you can’t confuse units either – in general, designers have something to be proud of. The next plus is the gameplay. More precisely, this is a whole set of advantages. All possible aspects have been worked out, from construction to battles. Here and a well-thought-out construction system, and a set of research (yes, it was not without science), and even a little magic, despite the fact that the game is more “medieval” than purely “fantasy”. There is pumping (you swing the hero, who is your alter ego), as well as many bonuses that can be earned not by donating, but by skillful play. And, of course, a well-made combat system in which different troops are needed in different situations.

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