How to register in Amazon Wardrobe

Amazon has been a company of constant advances in the technological world, being a provider of innovative technology services to most of its customers. Where Amazon is the most recognized and famous is in the sale and delivery service of medium to high-end products to any area in the world.

However, they have not decided to be limited by these options, but have decided to expand into other media creating new service options that improve customer experiences.

Such is the case of Amazon Wardrobe , which stands out as a service that is born from the Prime option or Amazon’s paid version.

In general, the Amazon Wardrobe service consists of an early access service to certain products , where Amazon customers can make use of accessories, clothing or other items for 7 days, at the end of this period of time they will only be charged the items you want to keep while the others are returned.

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  1. If you are registered with Amazon Prime, do you immediately have access to Wardrobe?
  2. Is it worth registering for the cost?
  3. In which countries is Amazon Wardrobe available?
  4. Can anyone sign up for Amazon Wardrobe?

If you are registered with Amazon Prime, do you immediately have access to Wardrobe?

Being a service that is directly associated with Amazon Prime, when acquiring our subscription, we will have the option of directly accessing the benefits that Amazon Wardrobe offers us , taking into account that most of the items that we can initially test will be related to goods. of personal dress.

The difference when placing our orders with Amazon Wardrobe will lie in the fact that, when placing an order through the platform, we will have the service icon enabled so, by clicking on it, we will have direct access to the early access of our garment.

Is it worth registering for the cost?

As we clarified from the beginning, this service is included directly in the Amazon Prime benefits package , which at a cost of 36 euros per year, gives access to services such as:

  • A service with anticipateddelivery dates in a maximum of 24 hours delivers , with greater shipping security and free.
  • Enjoy your multimedia platform with Amazon Prime Video, enjoying a wide catalog of series and movies for the enjoyment of the whole family.
  • Access to offers and discounts.
  • Music catalog on Prime Music.

There are many more services that we can find available thanks to the Amazon Prime subscription such as Amazon Hub Locker that, together with its Amazon Wardrobe service, make it an excellent package to enjoy numerous benefits when making purchases and enjoy numerous articles with the possibility of accurately ensuring their quality, as well as that it is to our liking.

In which countries is Amazon Wardrobe available?

The Amazon Wardrobe service began its trial period in the United States during 2018, as a way to promote its incredible service in the delivery of articles belonging to the textile industry.

But as it was accepted, its growth expanded to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, so today we can also enjoy Amazon Wardrobe both in Western countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as in European countries such as Spain. and the UK .

Can anyone sign up for Amazon Wardrobe?

As has been said, anyone who has access to the Amazon Prime service in their Amazon account will have the possibility, as long as the service is active in their country , to access the benefits of Amazon Wardrobe.

This means that, generally speaking, anyone within the relevant countries has the ability to access this early testing service .

Amazon Wardrobe stands out as an excellent alternative offered by the sales giant to verify the quality of our products, offering the textile industry new modes of business models so that its customers can have safer and more comfortable access to their products thanks to to your help center and shipping .

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