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Many people know the name of the rather popular and exciting game League of Legends. This game was released back in 2009 and is a role-playing game with elements of real-time strategy. It is played by 100 million players worldwide.

And while creating a League of Legends account is definitely not a difficult task, some players find it difficult to do so.

This article describes in detail and shows the entire process of creating a new account so that those who wish to enjoy such a spectacle can easily enter and plunge into the mesmerizing world of the League of Legends computer game.


First you need to open the official website of the game in a browser, where on the very first page we will be offered to play League of Legends for free.

Someone might think that they should first register before clicking on the “Play for free” button, but everything is much easier than it seems. Without a doubt, we click on “Play for free”, even if you have never played this game.

The next step will open this page with a request to enter your email address.

In the modern world, everyone has their own e-mail, but if you are really a completely newbie, then first register with any postal service on the Internet.

Personal data

After leaving your e-mail address, click “Start” and proceed to the next step of creating an account.

League of Legends asks the new player to leave their date of birth, thereby confirming that they have already reached the age of 12+. If the date is entered and corresponds to the rules of the game, then you can click “Next” and go to step number 3.

Password and nickname

The last and most important step involves creating a password and username.

We enter any username and password, and also remember or write down this data somewhere so as not to forget. They will come in handy for entering the game. Do not forget to check the box next to “I accept the terms of use and I have no objection to the privacy policy.”

Verification stage

Next, a check window opens in order to make sure that the information entered earlier is correct.

Sometimes there are problems with creating a username, because it may already be taken, so you will be asked to enter a new one. But there is no need to despair, because it is enough just to paraphrase it a little or add some numbers.

When we have checked everything and made sure that the information is correct, click “Join”.

Then it becomes even easier, because all that remains is to install the game on your PC and enjoy it!


Today in the world there are many different computer games – from checkers to complex multiplayer action games. League of Legends is among the most played games along with Dota 2 and World of Warcraft.

Registration in games is not difficult if you understand it in detail and follow the instructions for creating an account. Therefore, we create detailed algorithms of actions to be useful to you!

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