How to register a device on Amazon Prime Video

Here’s how and how many devices to register on Amazon Prime Video.If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber and would like to find out how to register a device to Prime Video and how many devices can be linked to a single account, you are in the right place. Try Prime Video free for 30 days here .

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming platform, included in the price of the Amazon Prime subscription that allows you to watch movies and TV series at no additional cost, on any device. In this article we will explain in detail how to register a device and how many you can register for each individual account.

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  1. Register a device to Amazon Prime Video
    1. How many devices can be connected to Amazon Prime Video?
    2. How many users can see Amazon Prime Video?

Register a device to Amazon Prime Video

Registering a device on Amazon Prime Video  is really very simple. Let’s see together what are the steps to follow.

From your computer, just go to the  website and enter the credentials with which you are registered for the Prime service, while from  a mobile device all you have to do is download the  Amazon Prime Video application and log in.

In addition to browser and mobile device,  Prime Video  is also available via application, on SmartBox, Console (Playstation or Xbox), Amazon Fire TV Stick, Sky Q and Smart TV. All you need to do in order to access Amazon Prime Video from these devices is to download the appropriate application and enter your account details .

For some devices, such as Smart TVs, you need to use a registration code in order to log in. Here’s how to get the code to be able to watch Prime Video on your TV :

  • Open the Prime Video app on your TV,
  • Click on  Register on the Prime website,
  • Go to  with your computer or mobile device,
  • Log in with your Prime member account,
  • Report the code you find written on your TV screen,
  • Select  Register Device.

You can  verify all Amazon Prime registered devices by following these steps:

  • Go to the Amazon site and log in with your credentials,
  • Click on  My Account,
  • Select  Content and Devices under Digital Content and Devices,
  • Select the device item  .

If, on the other hand, you are not yet a subscriber to Amazon Prime Video  but would like to start watching the content available on the platform’s catalog, you should know that for all new subscribers to the service, Amazon Prime is free for one month. And if you are a student, you can take advantage of the promotion designed especially for you that entitles you to ninety days of free trial and a 50% discount on the total subscription price: Prime Student .


How many devices can be connected to Amazon Prime Video?

There is no upper limit specified for devices that can be linked to the same Amazon Prime Video account. However, there are limitations regarding the number of devices / users connected simultaneously on different devices.


How many users can see Amazon Prime Video?

If you’re wondering how many users can watch Amazon Prime Video at the same time, the answer is three devices.

It is therefore possible to use three different devices at the same time. to watch the titles in the catalog with the same account. However, you can watch the same title simultaneously on up to two devices . This rule not only applies to the streaming contents present in the catalog, but also to the purchased contents. As for rental videos, you can view the same content on only one device at a time .

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