How to Regain Access to a Duolingo Account

We may have trouble accessing our Duolingo account. From here you will have some key solutions to re-enter our Duolingo account and maintain our progress.

For those who are part of the Duolingo community , it is easy to recognize this multilingual green Owl. But those who do not know what it is, Duolingo represents a platform dedicated to teaching different languages. Its recreational and staggered dynamics have made it an effective and efficient way to learn the language that you want or need so much from any device.

After this, you may be interested in creating a Duolingo account . But if you already have it and you are going through this predicament, when trying to access your account and need to recover it, keep reading. Duolingo can be an excellent alternative to the various translators on the web.

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  1. How do you know if Duolingo is not working at the moment?
  2. Frequent problems when trying to log in
    1. Forget email or password
    2. Too many requests
    3. Your teacher modified data
  3. Can something be done in case of not having access to the mail?
  4. What to do if the problem cannot be solved?
    1. Go to the help forum
    2. Contact support
    3. Create another account

How do you know if Duolingo is not working at the moment?

On certain occasions, the login to our Duolingo account is affected by problems with our internet connection. But in others it goes further, since the Duolingo Platform may present failures preventing us from entering our user.

To check if the latter is what is happening, we can use a link that Duolingo provides us. From here we can see the information that corresponds to technical problems , blackouts, down servers, uptime and others.

Errors of this type can prevent us from accessing from the application or our Duolingo app. Although this represents a calamity, the problem is usually solved after a while thanks to the technical service.

Frequent problems when trying to log in

Problems logging into Duolingo are not limited to platform difficulties or internet connection errors. Errors in the data we enter or modifications by third parties directly affect our access.

Forget email or password

Forgetting our email or password is a common reason for not being able to access our users. Well, in many cases we forget to write them down or, failing that, we think we can remember them later.

If we have forgotten the password, Duolingo offers us an easy and simple way to recover it from its website . Here we only have to fill in the data they request , in this case the email that we associate with our Duolingo user will suffice.

We have to enter our email or, having registered with the Google or Facebook platform, the email of these accounts. The system will generate a link that will send us through a message to our email. From which we can create a new password by accessing it.

The message should appear in the received message box . If not, we can enter the spam or spam tray and verify.

This same password regeneration process can be done through the app . We only need to do the same process, but if there are problems, you may want to do it from a web browser.

If we forget our email , it will be a bit more complicated if we are not registered from Facebook or Gmail. Well, this will force us to go to the platform where we have our mail and look for the option to retrieve mail.

If we do not have email, it is best to create a new Duolingo account , otherwise the platform will not be able to help us recover our user without an email.

Too many requests

In addition to those already mentioned, there are other problems that are capable of generating errors in user access.

An example is, Too many requests. Which occurs due to the use of user scripts not yet approved on the Duolingo platform. This causes the blocking of our Duolingo user. But perhaps one way to solve this problem is to use a different browser than the one we are used to using.

Browsers Mozilla, Chrome and Edge are good choice to use for this purpose.

Your teacher modified data

Duolingo has added an extra feature to the platform called, Duolingo for School . A service that the platform provides for free to teachers or educators to give their classes through the Duolingo page.

That said, we must bear in mind that our teachers have free access to our Duolingo account.

For this reason they can modify our information including email and password. Hence the importance of joining only if these accounts do not belong to strangers.

Well, we must be careful with who can have access to our user. Since although we can report this through the corresponding channels. Here we select the type of problem the option Report Abuse and send the necessary information.

Duolingo will not be able to do anything to prevent the loss of our achievements and progress . But if you are confident, we recommend you contact your teacher and ask them to help you regain access to your account.

Can something be done in case of not having access to the mail?

In the event that our account was created with an invalid or incorrect email address, or in the event that we are unable to access our Duolingo account. We must create a new account with an email that we can access.

Since we need to have access to it to be able to solve any problem with our Duolingo user.

What to do if the problem cannot be solved?

Duolingo has special sections to report breakdowns or malfunctions on its platform. Including not being able to solve access problems in it.

For this we must collect all the information thrown by the system and send it through the corresponding channels.

But although these are often not answered quickly, they are taken by specialized Duolingo technicians. Just go to the Duolingo support page and create a sufficiently explained bug report. Including data from our electronic device, access user and screenshots. In addition to the specification of when and how the error occurred that we will report.

Once this is done, we must wait for a response from Duolingo to know if this problem has been solved.

Go to the help forum

The Duolingo help forum is a section in which we can interact with other Duolingo users. For them, it is enough to enter the website of the Duolingo Help Center forum and type the error that we have in their search bar.

Contact support

Duolingo has its technical support platform, through telephone numbers and web pages. The use of phone numbers are for United States numbers. But they have their version of Duolingo technical support numbers in Spanish:

  • 888-546-4699.

In addition to this, you will be able to access web pages with the idea of ​​obtaining customer service. Well, they offer us a specialized service that will be available at all hours.

These web pages include the Duolingo Website, the Duolingo Facebook, and the Duolingo Instagram application.

Create another account

When the other recovery options on our Duolingo account fail, it is best to create another account. Well, even if we start from scratch on the platform, this will guarantee us to have a user without the previous errors.

Here you can choose whether to sign in with a Facebook or Gmail account, or start with a valid email. It is important not to skip any steps when creating another Duolingo account and avoid another headache.

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