How to reduce eye strain when using a smartphone”

Today, every day we look at screens for many hours in a row, be it a monitor, TV or smartphone. We have already written “How to reduce eye strain when using a smartphone” , and today we will talk about preventing vision when working at a PC.

  1. Keep your distance from the screen. There must be at least half a meter to the monitor. And before the TV – at least one and a half.
  2. Take care of the right lighting. Instead of ceiling lamps, it is better to use floor or diffuse lighting with full spectrum LED strips. The latter emit light more reminiscent of natural sunlight. In addition, the window should not be behind or in front of the desktop, but on the side.
  3. Eliminate glare and contrast with the surroundings. The brightness of the monitor should be slightly higher than the brightness of the ambient light. In addition, the wall behind the monitor should be matte and preferably darker. And if the monitor has a glossy screen, then you need glasses for the computer that absorb glare and the blue part of the spectrum.
  4. Replace monitor. It’s unlikely that you still use a pot-bellied CRT display, but many LCD screens have disadvantages that are harmful to the eyes. For greater comfort when working, you need an IPS or VA matrix, a curved screen (so as not to force the eyes to refocus) and a refresh rate of 75 hertz. By the way, even 60Hz panels can be overclockedto 75.
  5. Adjust the color temperature to a warmer one. Or even include a blue filter. This can be done in the monitor settings or simply enable the “Night light” function in Windows 10. For more details, follow the link.
  6. Blink more often. When you look at the screen, you blink about three times less. Because of this, the cornea of ​​the eyes dries up, redness and discomfort appear. To prevent this from happening, you need to close your eyes for a few seconds and blink every 20 minutes. You can also use moisturizing eye drops a couple of times a day.
  7. Exercise your eyes. It is not necessary to memorize complex combinations of movements for this. It is enough to look out the window or into the distance at least a couple of times an hour for half a minute.


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