How to redirect WordPress users after login

Plugins are a way to improve your blog or WordPress content, one of these is to redirect users, which will be very useful for writers, editors or collaborators to manage their accounts more effectively.

If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry, you just have to read this article, here we will explain how to redirect WordPress users after login.

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  1. What do I need to redirect users from WordPress?
  2. What are the best plugins to redirect users in WordPress?
    1. WooCommerce
    2. WPForms
    3. Role based redirect
    4. Peter Login Redirect
  3. How should I configure the redirection of my WordPress users?
    1. By username
    2. By user role
    3. for its capabilities
    4. with a URL
    5. On logout

What do I need to redirect users from WordPress?

In order to redirect users  on the WordPress platform , you must first follow a series of steps to be able to fulfill the function correctly:

  1. The first thing you should do is enter your most used internet browser, it could be Chrome, Firefox or whatever you have.
  2. Being in this you must enter the following: registration_redirect.
  3. Click on search, you must enter the platform where it says WordPress.
  4. After being on the page, click on the URL, it must be modified so that the user goes directly to where you want.
  5. Check the flexibility of the address that you have in WordPress, it is possible that when you start editing both will be changed.
  6. Pressing someone this link will enter the page you put

What are the best plugins to redirect users in WordPress?

By having WordPress downloaded or from the web you will be able to access and use different plugins that you will need as help, if it is in the case of redirecting it will be very necessary, some of which will serve as a primary help complement , these are some:


This is a WordPress plugin that can be used as a small or large virtual store, it will depend on you, here you can add articles or products. You will have the possibility to place up to 50 of these, as well as giving you many commercial options that will help you grow.

It is a highly recommended plugin if you want to redirect for a commercial good, to sell or offer a product, but if it is not for this purpose, you can also use it. You have very varied tools and can perfectly combine with the installation of the Astra template.


If you want a New and free Plugin for your blog, this will be the best, with it you will have the possibility of placing forms for your blog directed to WordPress. WPPDFroms has several tools that you can use on your archives to fully customize your blog.

With this you can place payments and capture links very easily, it is used to easily put forms on your blog. Its use is very easy, anyone can implement this plugin.

WPDForms is a plugin also designed for your business, it is an option to make you have an order in your earnings, payments, or other functions that you have to do in business. Its commercial use is very effective.

Role based redirect

If you want to make it easier for other people to visit your page, this will be a good plugin, here you can place more complete and easy-to-use links, so you will make more people enter your blog. With role based rediret you can even hide the WordPress account admin bar if you want, just like you choose which page you want to redirect.

Peter Login Redirect

Peter Login Redirect in a WordPress plugin that will allow you to allow people to log in to the different pages of the WordPress platform as administrators, this will only be allowed with the login format, the good thing is that it can be found in almost all pages Web.

The plugins can be joined with each other to give a more complete function, this can be done with the help of various useful codes that, when joined, will perform different and more diverse functions, which can be allowed thanks to commands.

How should I configure the redirection of my WordPress users?

Before redirecting a user with your link you must configure it, to do it is very easy, you just have to elaborate all the procedures so that you can have a complete action:

By username

First of all, you must redirect by username on your WordPress platform, which refers to placing various users on the page itself, you must identify them with a series of data, one of these in the nickname that will be mandatory.

In order to be able to identify your users, they must first see well which page you want to redirect, it must be to each one. You can make such data completely private to improve the security of other people.

By user role

To be able to redirect by user role you must have more than two collaborators , although it is not mandatory, it is what is recommended to do, since the function is about working in pairs or in a group. These have to fulfill different functions each and must be completely separated.

Each of the collaborators, when they enter the page, will be given a new page model with different functions, all in order to help make your blog better, both of you will be able to edit the information and also edit things on the platform, they will continue to be the same pages, but with different roles.

for its capabilities

It is a bit like what was mentioned before, but in this case it will direct the users depending on the possible capabilities in the case of the Web page, that is, what it is capable of and what it is responsible for in the blog.

with a URL

This option is used so that more URLs are available at a specific time together with the Web pages, this works by making someone enter a URL to redirect him to another and not to what it is.

On logout

If you are starting on the page, this option will help you a lot , it will make you have to go to the home page of the same website to log out, instead, with another you just have to exit.


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