How to redeem an app or card code on the App Store

If you have a code from the Apps Store of the application, which you want to redeem in order to obtain an application or also a gift card, the procedure to redeem said code is very simple and you only have to follow a couple of steps that we will explain here .

Different users have the preference to create an account in iTunes and use their card , to which they can place a balance from the comfort of your bank card, however, having these cards, it is best to redeem it within the application , which is here We will explain you step by step.

How to redeem a code in the Apps Store on Mac

If you want to redeem a code in macOS, what you have to do is simple, since just by opening the Apps Store , you will see that your session is started with your Apple ID as if it were on iPhone , and then you must follow these steps :

  • Start by going to the right side of the Apps Store and once there, proceed to select the “Redeem” option
  • Once there, we must write your Apple password and also enter the code
  • In this way, the application or the credit card will be added to our Apple account automatically. In the case of being a special card for a special application, it will begin to be downloaded automatically on our device.

Redeem a code in the Apps Store for iOS

Start by opening the Apps Store of your device, and then on the screen enter a button with the name ” Redeem ” to the bottom , press it and we will see how the camera of our device will open in order to redeem the codes manually, or in failing to write the codes by hand

And with this, everything will be ready, since the code we enter is redeemed automatically and our application will begin to download automatically or if it is a balance card, we will see that it will be reflected in our bill.

Another way in which to redeem these codes

With the passing of time, many developers have chosen to leave the Mac Apps Store due to the restrictions that the company imposes on its developers. However, this page is still an interesting source of applications that many users want to download .

If you have a code, the process to redeem them within the Mac Apps Store is quite similar to what we have done in the previous instructions . You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Start by opening the Mac Apps Store on your device, and after that, go to the top bar and click on our username, which we will find located right in the lower left corner of our screen.
  2. If you go to the column located on the right, you will be able to see in detail the applications that we have previously purchased and in the upper right corner, we will be able to click on the option ” Redeem gift card ” to open a special bar and with this, to be able to enter all the numbers that are inside your iTunes gift card or, failing that, the promotional code that you have been given.

It is right at this time that the application or, failing that, the game will be permanently associated with our Apple ID and with this we will have it at our disposal as many times as we want to download it, regardless of the computer we are on.

However, it is important to note that each computer must be associated with our ID account so that we can download the files associated with the same ID.


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