How To Recruit Employees For Your Business?

Every business that has grown big needs employees. Employees are supporters of the company so that it can run well and everything can be handled properly. Because none of the big companies are spared from employee assistance.

However, it is not easy to recruit employees. It takes a careful process so that the selected employees can truly support and share a vision with the company you are running. In addition, good employees can also help increase income financially.

For those of you who want to recruit employees at a company that is being run, the selection should be made more effectively and efficiently. And here are tips on recruiting employees for your business.

1. Know the Position Required

Before recruiting employees you have to make sure if you really need new employees. Characteristics You need new employees where your old employees are unable to do their own burdens because they are too many. So that’s when you need a new employee.

In addition, if one of the employees from your company leaves, of course, you really need new employees. If indeed the position being managed is quite important and cannot be replaced by other employees who are still working there.

You have to make sure that when recruiting employees it must be balanced with the needs of the company that is being run. And be sure to also consider existing employees. So that by recruiting new employees, they can really support the business going forward.

What you should also pay attention to when hiring employees is to tell old employees that the HR team is going to hire new employees. This is intended if it turns out that existing employees have the qualifications required by the company.

2. Ensure a Planned Recruitment Process for Required Position

If you are sure that the company needs new employees, the next step is to plan a hiring process for the positions needed. Tips for recruiting employees for this business are very important for you to apply so that it is easier for HRD to find the right workforce.

Based on the information you have considered, the HR team should think about how to publish hiring information. So that targets for employees can be more precise.

No less important is the overall review process, and who will participate in the new employee interview. Those appointed must really be those you trust and really know the goals of recruiting new employees at your company.

3. Make sure to publish job vacancies

The next tips for recruiting employees are the publication of vacancies for new employees. You can inform job vacancies in various media or old employees. Because it does not rule out there are employees in the company who match the criteria the company is looking for.

Publication of job vacancies nowadays is very easy. You can publish it on social media, or other online media. And if your company has a website, website announcements can be great. Because job seekers will also be more confident with the announcement of the company’s official website.

In addition, make sure your company fills in the company website with several posts related to the benefits of working at your company if employees apply. Make sure the benefits you offer are unique and can only be found in the company you start.

Some of them you can include a flexible schedule, profit sharing, fast company growth, and so on. You should focus on what your employees get rather than on the company’s profits. So that employees who apply can be more interested in entering the company you manage.

The recruitment process for employees can also be done through job seeker websites such as LinkedIn or other social media. In LinkedIn you can also describe information about the company. So, those who apply are qualified and right on target.

To promote job vacancies, you can also post them on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure the company has official social media that job applicants can trust. So, whenever they ask, your company can easily answer them.

Social media can also be the main source for applicants to find out more about the company you manage.

4. Review Resumes Received and Identify

The next step in recruiting employees for your business after publication is to review applications that have been submitted. Make sure to check the company email once you have published the job.

After making a job announcement, you can be sure that your company email will be flooded with incoming messages. However, make sure that your company’s HRD filters according to employee specifications and needs according to the main recruitment objectives.

Take special time to identify potential applicants, you can qualify based on experience, education, and skills. So that potential candidates will be screened appropriately.

Employee screening can be based on the required conditions. And those who meet the requirements can be contacted directly by HRD. This method will make the recruiting process more efficient.

For each candidate called, simple and consistent questions can be asked. You can hear their statements on the questions you ask. Then select the candidate that you feel is ideal for moving to the next stage.

This process must be carried out by a company, so that prospective employees who will enter the company are not just people. So the CV, and other important letters must be attached by the applicant. Generally, CV contains experience working in previous companies or during their life.

HRD can do the screening for suitable and unsuitable employees by directly calling the candidates who have been screened earlier. Apart from via telephone, it can also be done by direct interview, so that HRD can better know the character of the applying employee.

5. Qualified Employee Interview Process

After the second screening, tips for recruiting employees are carried out, the next is the interview process. This process is the screening of the most qualified employees. You can schedule interviews to compare with other candidates.

You should schedule interviews with these most qualified candidates. And make sure to check the candidate’s background. The background can be seen from the information they provide to the company when applying.

However, companies must also provide information to applicants who do not meet the criteria so that they do not keep waiting for news.

6. Check Employee Background Carefully

What is no less important when recruiting employees is their background. Make sure you check their background carefully. You can check the validity of the data provided by employees through their previous office directors.

HR professionals should also make sure to check the social media profiles of recruiters. So you can know more about the character of the applicant. Because a person’s character can be seen from the way they interact on social media.

7. Choose the Most Qualified Person

After the above process has been carried out, and you feel that you have got the candidate that the company needs. It’s time to contact the most qualified people to work for your company.

Make sure you choose people who can develop their talents and abilities in the company you start. Because there are employees whose development is very fast, some are slow.

There are also many employees who just want to try their luck at other companies, so they try to get out of your company. So make sure that you pick people who don’t try their luck.

Not a few employees have recently joined and chose to leave the company. This is what you should try to avoid when choosing employees. So, you have to make sure you give them a contract and apply a penalty on it.

For that person you can immediately offer the company salary. Offers can be made based on references you saw previously from selected people.

8. Negotiating Salary Details and Starting Date

If the position that your company offers to the person you have chosen is a high position. This person is very likely to negotiate salary, overtime pay, health insurance and others.

If the candidate is really qualified, and can support the company’s progress, you can submit a salary that is slightly higher than what they submit as a token of appreciation for the quality of the candidate.

You can offer these qualified candidates the advantages that will be obtained at the company over other companies. So that he could be interested in joining the company.

During this process, you can also immediately determine the date they will start working at the company. This is usually done because the candidate must have time to resign from the company where he previously worked.

9. Assign a Mentor Who Will Guide the New Employee

Employees who have just joined must be sure that they are ready mentally and in character to jointly advance the company. So it is hoped that he will be consistent with the values, insights and strategies that have been implemented in the company.

You have to make sure the employee doesn’t complain or any other possible excuse comes out of their mouth. Since the beginning they submitted an application to your company, it must be ensured that they have agreed with all the company provisions.

New employees at a new company certainly don’t know much about the ins and outs of the company you manage. Make sure to provide a mentor for those who have been given a work schedule and accept the job offer.

Make sure the mentor who accompanies the new employee can make the employee feel comfortable and feel accepted by others. So that the quality and loyalty of these employees can be higher.

10. Training and Selection Programs in Recruitment Efforts                      

Furthermore, the tips for recruiting employees are to conduct training for new employees. In addition, training can also involve all employees so that they can integrate in advancing the company.

The training is intended so that new employees can keep up with the work rhythm of the company’s seniors. In addition, the training is also expected to provide insight to new employees to fulfill the company’s strategy and vision and mission in the future. So that it is not just a surface, as is usually seen by the public.

Those are the tips for recruiting employees for your business that we can share. That way you will no longer be confused about recruiting employees for the company. Hopefully the article we shared was useful for you, good luck with our tips.


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