How to recover your Roblox account

These are the safest methods to recover your Roblox account.

Roblox since its official launch in 2006, has been a resounding success. And no wonder, its policies of not paying for advertising has had a great impact on the gamer community and despite the fact that it is developed for children, anyone is capable of spending hours hooked on their incredible adventures.

If you are one of those users who started Roblox a couple of years ago, or you lost your access data to the platform and now you want to resume your old account, do not be alarmed. In this tutorial you will learn how to recover your Roblox account with email and phone number very easy.

Recover Roblox password using email

If for any reason you forgot your password and username, recover your Roblox account by following the steps shown below:

How to recover your Roblox password step by step

I forgot my password

  • Go to the official websiteof Roblox .
  • In the upper right hand side, click on “Login
  • It will request credentials, press the option “Have you forgotten your password or username?” .

Enter the official Roblox page and look for the option Forgot password and username?

  • Different options will appear, including recover with: “Password”, “Username” or “Use phone number to reset password”.
  • Click on the “Password”option .
  • Enter the emailwith which you created the account for the first time.

Enter the email with which you started the first time

  • Now press “Send”. It will show a notification saying: “A message with your username or password has been sent to your email …”, press “Accept”

The system will send an email to your inbox

  • Go to your email inbox and open the message received from Roblox. Click on the URL found in the message.
  • The URL will open a new window in your browser. There you must fill in the fields with the new password.

I forgot my username

If what you want is to recover the username, follow the steps you see below:

  • Click on the “Username”option .
  • Enter the emailwith which you created the account for the first time.

The process is similar if you lost the username

  • Now press “Send”. It will show a notification saying: “A message with your username or password has been sent to your email …”, press “Accept”

Wait for the message in your email

I forgot username and password

Perhaps you belong to the large group of people who do not remember the password or the username, in this case you will have to carry out the steps described above, but following this order:

  • First ask for the username.
  • Already with the usernamerequest the password and proceed to reset it.

Reset your Roblox account with phone number

There is another alternative to recover the Roblox account and it is through the telephone number , it should be noted that for this it must be the same number with which the account was previously verified. This is because the system will send a code to the number registered on the platform.

To use the Roblox account recovery service by phone, you must do the following:

  • In the section “Have you forgotten your password or username?” .
  • It will open a window. Click on the option “Use phone number to reset password”, located at the bottom of the screen.

It is possible to recover your account in the Roblox video game with your cell phone

  • Select what you want to recover, either “Password”or “Username” .
  • Then enter the country code of origin followed by the phone number.
  • Click on the “Submit”button .

Write the correct number with which you verified your account at the beginning

  • In some cases you will have to solve a CAPTCHA, in this way the system verifies that you are not a robot.
  • If you requested the user,you will receive a text message with the name. On the other hand, if you requested a password , they will send you a 6-digit code , which you must enter in the box and then click on “Verify” .

Solve the CAPTCHA and wait for the code

  • After verification you will be able to reset your password

Is it possible to recover Roblox password without mail or phone?

No, it is not possible. To recover an account in the Roblox system , you need the email or phone number with which you created the account for the first time. And if your account was banned for breach of privacy policies or errors within the video game , there will be no possibilities to re-enter.

What to do to restore my account if I lost my email and phone? Roblox

A remote possibility of restoring your account is to contact technical support directly by sending a message through the platform’s official email and wait for them to ask for some kind of identification to verify your identity. However, this action does not guarantee that you can get it back.

I still can’t get my Roblox account back – what do I do?

If for some reason you could not restore your old account , either because you did not receive the email, you do not remember the phone number or technical support did not respond to your request in time. The only thing left to do is create a new account and start from scratch.

You will lose all your progress within the platform, but it is the only way to continue enjoying the wonders of this video game.

How to add more security to your Roblox account

To avoid having to go through the trouble of asking for password and user reset, the platform has created several methods to increase the security level of your Roblox account and we will even give you some extra tips:

Change your Roblox password to a more secure one

Avoid putting family names, dates of birth, identification numbers or repeating passwords, as they can easily be hacked. On the contrary, it places combinations that include: lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols. Make sure to use the maximum characters allowed and write it down in a safe place to always remember.

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Activate 2-step verification

After creating your account on Roblox, it is important that you activate the 2-step verification of the platform. You can do it through email.

Roblox two-step verification is one way to increase the security of your account

This function will allow you to send a unique and different code at each login by means of an email associated with your account and will keep your account protected each time you access from another computer.

Never share your password or cookies

Do not fill out surveys, much less give information about your login details. And if for any reason you receive a message from a moderator, keep in mind that Roblox Corporation will never ask you for your password by any means.

In the same way, clear cache frequently from your computer and thus you will eliminate any trace of personal information and cookies that may be used against.

Keep the session closed

Never forget to log out after finishing a Roblox game , especially if you’re playing from another computer or away from home. Some intruder could break in and take advantage of the situation.

Don’t use other people’s emails

Do not put any email that is not yours or secure, since when making any changes, the reset codes and permissions will reach the mailbox of the same. So if you don’t have the person around, it will be impossible for you to do any paperwork.

Learn to recognize scam and phishing sites

All those free robux generators or pages that in exchange for information offer you tricks or BC, are scams. Do not enter or fall into any of these portals that only seek to steal information from your account.

Don’t be fooled by forms within games

If for any reason in one of the Roblox rooms they ask you to fill out a form, leave immediately and report abuse . It could be a case of account theft.

Ask your parents for permission before downloading a program

Many are the pages, applications and even programs that come with viruses and malware. They can put your computer at risk. Before installing or downloading anything, be sure to inform your representatives.


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