How to recover Wallapop password?

Wallapop is a mobile application that is gaining momentum in its category. In this application, you can search almost any product you need to buy it. Or, if necessary, it allows you to publish your items to sell them according to certain specifications.

This application uses user identity data and GPS positioning to improve the buying and selling process . But, like any other application that deserves to create a personal account, it retains the possibility that we can all drop.

Yes, exactly what you are thinking. There is a chance that we forget what our password is . So, if this has happened to you and you need to log into your Wallapop account, this guide will be very helpful. You just need to follow the steps below to recover Wallapop password and change it at the same time.

The steps to follow to learn how to recover the Wallapop password

The first step to recover the Wallapop password and then, access your account, is to open the application . And immediately, hit the ” Log in ” or ” Log in ” button. This way you can see that below the boxes where you would normally place your data, there is an extra option.

This additional option says ” I forgot my password ” so that when you need to recover or change your password, just press it. And, automatically, the application will send you a new password for your email. This password will be temporary for us.

We will simply have to access the email we use when we register with Wallapop and look for a message from that platform. We should also check the spam folder in case our email sent the email to this category.

Once with this new temporary password, we can log into our Wallapop account as we always would. Now, to change it with a personal password (and easy for us to remember), we will have to go to our personal area . Or, in other words, where we change our profile picture and username.

Within our personal area, we will explore until we find the option that says: ” Password ” and click on it. Within this option, we will only have to follow the instructions that the same application shows us to change the password for one of our tastes.

We recommend that the password you choose be the one you remember easily. Or in any case, that this password can be guessed through a reminder . Example: significant dates, character names, pet names, colors in your home… Anything you remember just looking around can be useful.

And soon ! After all this you have already been able to not only recover the Wallapop password. Also, you learned how to change this password to enter one that you remember more easily. So now you are free to log into your account again.

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