How to recover unsaved temporary files in Photoshop?

Photoshop is one of the largest design applications that exist (you can get it on its official website ). This is due to how well it has been optimized over time (as it is also one of the longest-lived) and more and more tools are being added for everyone to use. So with that in mind, today you will learn how to recover unsaved temporary files in Photoshop.

And it is that, who has not happened to him that he is working calmly and for some strange reason the computer turns off or Photoshop closes, destroying all the work that was being done. This in the eyes of anyone (designer or not) is a catastrophe, so this tutorial is like a lifesaver. However, do not get confused, here you will be shown how to recover, but you will not learn how to repair and recover PSD files , for that you have to look for another tutorial.

Recover unsaved temporary files in Photoshop

To get straight to the point that matters, the first thing you have to do is open “My Computer” on your desktop and select the hard drive. Once you are inside, open the folder called “Documents and Settings” , then choose “Local Settings” , and just after ” Temp “.

While there you must navigate looking for the files that start with Photoshop and are followed by various numbers and letters (in older versions of the application they will be called PS).

Open one by one, until you find the one you are looking for. There should be no more than two or three of these folders, because Photoshop only saves temporary folders when the program is closed badly.

When you have already found the project you are looking for, go to the menu called ” File ” within Photoshop and click on the “Save as” option so that it becomes permanent and no further inconvenience occurs.

With that you already know how to recover temporary files not saved in Photoshop, so now you will learn a little trick so that this problem does not happen to you again.


Photoshop autosave

So that the inconvenience that brought you here never happens again and you do not have to go through the process of recovering temporary files not saved in Photoshop again, all you have to do is configure the auto-save option of this program.

If you want to achieve that you must go to Photoshop and open it, once inside, look for the option called ” Preferences ” and from there click on “File Management”.

In this section you must enable the “Save in the background”  and “Save recovery information automatically every” boxes . Enabling the second will let you choose the time interval you want the application to take to save your project. Finish by clicking ” Accept ” to confirm the changes made.

Automatic recovery tool

To perform an automatic recovery once you have done the above process, it is very simple. You just have to go to the following path: system disk drive (C:) / Users / username / AppData / Roaming / Adobe Photoshop (CS6 or CC) / AutoRecover.

Here you will find all the PSD or PSB files that have been automatically saved on the computer, you just have to open them and then save them correctly to recover them.


And voila, with that last thing you know how to recover temporary files not saved in Photoshop, now you just have to go to your program, activate the autosave boxes that will help you protect your files and that’s it.

In the event that the catastrophe of losing a project has already happened to you, then just follow example number one and recover what you need. As a recommendation, always remember to be patient when doing some work (either for leisure or professional level).

Finally, it should be noted that Phostoshop is so complete, that it not only allows you to recover and repair files, you can also open files with a DDS extension and open CR2, NEF, DNG and RAW files , so you don’t just keep this information, explore even more the possibilities offered by this program.



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