How to recover the lost or forgotten password in Gmail

The Gmail passwords are arguably one of the things that we forget in life if you do not use the mail for labor issues or personal projects. It is as if in our brain there is a system that automatically forgets them from time to time.

Fortunately, Google thinks of everything and has developed various methods so that we can recover the password of our email account in an easy and quite simple way, so that any user can do it without much problem.

In this article we are going to teach you step by step all the possible ways to recover the password of your Gmail account , so that you can always access it again before it is completely deleted.


 We show you step by step all the methods to recover your Gmail password and re-access your email account

Google has developed up to five possible ways to recover our Gmail email password .

Here we show you how to apply each and every one of them quite easily:

 Entering the last password you remember

  • Well, the first option is pretty straightforward. When we enter our Gmail accountand the password is wrong, we click on “Have you forgotten your password?” and Google will automatically ask us what is the last password we remember. If this password is correct, we will log in and we will have the option to change this data to a new one that is easier for us to remember and that we use as the current password.


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 With SMS

  • This option will only be available if we have a mobile phone number associated with our Gmailaccount It is quite simple, if we enter “Have you forgotten your password?” and we do not remember any recent password, we must click on “Try another way” and then it will ask us to use our mobile to carry out the process.
  • uniquecode will be sent via SMS to your phone , which you must enter in the field they ask you to be able to reset your password and choose a new one.

 With Android device verification

  • This other method is also possible only if we have our Androidsynchronized with our account. It is not actually a way to recover the password, but to log in. In doing so, the platform will automatically ask you to verify your identity by selecting a number on your mobile screen , and then access the account. Once inside, you can easily change the password in your user settings.

 With alternate email

At this point you should be pretty desperate because nothing has worked for you. But don’t worry, there are still a few bullets left to fire . The next method is to enter an alternate email address, which must be the same as the one you entered when you opened your account or the method will not work.

Just select “Have you forgotten  your password?” again and select the option “Other method”. If you do not have a mobile number or smartphone synced to your account, you will automatically be asked to enter the alternate email address . By doing so, they will send a unique code to that account that you can use to reset your password completely.

 With security questions

The last of your options is that you happen to remember the answers to the security questions that were asked when creating your account. This is difficult since less than 20% of users remember it, but let’s assume that you are a smart guy and you have them written down in a safe place.


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What you should do is select the option “Have you forgotten your password? ” And once there we select “Try another way” and you will get to the option to answer your secret question. You must write the answer as you did the first time, with its lower and upper case. If everything goes well, you will have to enter the date of birth that you selected when opening the account and voila, you will be able to change your password .

 How long will Google delete my Gmail account if I can’t access it?

This is a very important factor to take into account since you may be trying to access an account that is already completely closed. Google specifies that all accounts will be deactivated automatically after serving more than 2 years of inactivity . So if it’s been a long time since you last opened your account, it is more than likely that it no longer exists.

 Tips to never forget the password for your Google account or any other platform

Now we close our article recommending a series of tips that will allow you to remember your password forever and you can access your Gmail account every time without any problem:

 Use a phrase that identifies you

If the account you use is not important at all, it is advisable to write a password that is easy for you to remember . You can use a word that identifies you or a phrase that you always remember and is not too long. In this way, whenever you want to access your Gmail account , you only have to write that phrase or keyword that you have tattooed in your mind.

 Use a password manager

A password manager is a tool that allows you to have all the access codes of your account always at hand and available to access any of them. In this sense some of the best are; Keeper, NordPass, and RoboForm .


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 Write it down in a safe place

The third and last advice that we will give you is that you always keep your passwords in a safe place that you can always access to review. A valid option is to create a text document on your computer, save them there , put them in a folder and encrypt it so that only you can access it. We hope that we have helped you recover your Gmail account if you have forgotten your password, and that our advice will allow you to never forget it again in the future.

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