How to recover Telegram messages

Are you perhaps looking for how to recover Telegram messages ? Here is the right result if you want to recover deleted chats.

In recent years, more and more people love to use Telegram , an instant messaging application capable of indulging not only those who want to converse with their contacts, but also all those who follow groups dedicated to offers and work.

However, we cannot overlook the fact that Telegram was created to meet the needs of those who want to chat with friends. This condition has led the platform to constantly evolve and to introduce new functions, such as message retrieval.

In the following paragraphs we will try to investigate how to retrieve Telegram messages using the basic functionalities of the platform. We recommend that you download the latest version available to make sure you have automatic access to the new functions made available by Telegram. Open the Store of your operating system and download the update if it is available.

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Recovery of deleted chats on Telegram

As you know very well, Telegram is software available for many operating systems. Today we will try to understand how to recover messages deleted from Telegram on devices equipped with Android, iOS and Windows 10. Let’s see how to do it in detail.


You will be happy to know that Telegram has recently added a specific feature to recover the chat you are deleting, either by mistake or by will. In reality, if we are not fast enough we could nullify the praise. The platform, in fact, gives you five seconds from the elimination to change your mind.

Start the Telegram app for Android , press and hold on the chat and then select the trash can icon , at the top, and immediately after the option Delete the chat . At the bottom of the screen you will see a message that will last precisely five seconds . To prevent the chat from being canceled, press the word Cancel within that time frame .


As you can easily imagine, even on your iPhone you can have the same privileges. In fact, Telegram for iOS has decided to introduce this feature also on Apple mobile devices, in this case always guaranteeing you five seconds to decide whether or not to cancel the cancellation of the chat. After holding your finger on the chat, hit Delete and then click Delete just for me . Tap Cancel at the bottom of the screen and try to be quick as it’s really a few five seconds.


You can use Telegram with your computer through Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop . But unfortunately, on both solutions you will not have the opportunity to take advantage of the much loved five seconds. This concretely translates into a definitive cancellation when you decide to click on the chat to be canceled. Deletion that occurs by pressing the right mouse button and selecting the Delete chat option . At the bottom of the screen no writing will appear and your chat will be deleted in an instant, with no possibility to go back.

How to recover Telegram secret chat

If you use Telegram on a daily basis, you will know very well how useful secret chats are. But is it possible to recover one or more secret chats on Telegram? Let’s see if it is possible to do it and how to do it if the answer is affirmative.


From a technical point of view, opening a secret chat is equivalent to saving information only on your smartphone and not on the Telegram servers. This condition forces you, even if you have configured the program on other devices, to access the chats only from the smartphone that started the secret chat. You will have guessed for yourself that it is therefore impossible to retrieve chats from another device and unfortunately you will not even be able to take screenshots since Telegram blocked them during secret chats.


We are sure that you were hoping that your iPhone, unlike Android operating systems, would give you the ability to recover secret chats. Unfortunately, I have to give you a disappointment: it is not possible to do this even on smartphones and tablets with iOS.

However, we do not want to completely ruin your day and we would like to point out that you can take screenshots of secret chats on the iPhone , or if you prefer, we recommend that you have them sent to you by the other interlocutor to remain completely anonymous.


As we discovered in the previous paragraphs, Telegram on the PC has several limitations and recovering secret chats is one of them. There is no solution to bring deleted secret chats back to life from your PC.

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How to recover archived Telegram chats

We are sure that you have lost some hope, but do not be too despondent as the platform, although it does not allow you to retrieve the chats after five seconds, allows you to remove the Telegram chats from the archive. Let’s see how to do it.


Often in a hurry you could press randomly on the screen and see disappear a chat you cared about a lot. Fortunately, sometimes it has only been archived by Telegram after a finger swipe to the right or left of the screen. To retrieve an archived chat, all you have to do is start Telegram and swipe down. At the top of the screen, if you have an updated version, or at the bottom if you have an older version; you will find the section dedicated to chats archived over time.

To bring it back to the traditional chat screen, press it for a few seconds and you will see a green tick on the name icon appear. Press on the three overlapping dots at the top right and select the Extract item . Now you will have the chat back where it deserves.


On the iPhone, click on Archived Chats and then at the top on Edit . Select the chat you want to extract and press the Extract item at the bottom .


The PC almost always seems to be a world apart, so we should analyze the procedure for both Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop.

Telegram Web : open your browser, connect to Telegram Web and access the Devices area in the Settings of the app connected to the platform. Now that you are in front of your chats you will notice that in the first line there is no archived chats section. To access it, click on the three horizontal lines on the top left and select Archived Chats . Once selected, right click on it and choose Extract .

Telegram Desktop : starting the Telegram software for Windows 10 you will immediately see the section of the chats stored at the top of the chat. Click on it once with the left mouse button and select the desired chat. Right-click on it and select Extract Chat .

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Where is the Telegram trash can

Not everyone knows, and perhaps not even you, that Telegram has some sort of virtual recycle bin . The application, in fact, keeps some files in a folder just as if it were a Windows PC or macOS. Although within the iOS operating system this folder is not really considered, on Android you can find several files that store the information you used while chatting, from photos to videos, passing through video messages.

Now you are surely thinking that deleted chats may be in the recycle bin or somewhere in the right OS? Unfortunately, while the reasoning applies to some files, it is not applicable to traditional or secret chats.

Telegram chat gone

Maybe re-reading the funniest chats of your contacts in Telegram you realized that a chat you particularly cared about has disappeared. Although applications are often fraught with problems, in this case we cannot blame Telegram. When a chat disappears from your home page, the reasons are mainly two: you have archived it randomly by swiping to the right or the contact who wrote you used the automatic message deletion function .

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, please read the related article on How to automatically delete a message . This way you will have a complete overview of the whole process.


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