How to recover my Free Fire account?

Going through titles such as the classic Pacman, Tetris or Super Mario Bros until today with Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V or God Of War, video games are part of our culture, having a great arrival in the 1980s through consoles such as SEGA , Atari or Nintendo, these have been found since our childhood, forming part of us and creating endearing moments.

Nowadays there are several ways to play video games since we have different consoles to play, such as the PS4 or its newest version such as the PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X, Nintendo Swtich or even on our own computers, already that there is a range of computers focused on the Gaming section, in order to give the player the best experience when playing.

Among all these games, in 2017 a game came out that was catapulted to fame as one of the best online multiplayer game that exists, this video game is Fornite, its move was so great that to this day it remains one of the games Most played and downloaded, Fornite served as inspiration for other games such as PUGB, Overwatch, Apex Legends and Free Fire, which we will talk about.

Free Fire and the Battle Royale

Free Fire is a game inspired by the Battle Royale game mode, previously brought by Fornite, the Battle Royale mode in Free Fire consists of landing on an island with 49 other participants, where the survival of the fittest is the important thing, within On the island or the map you land there is a safe zone, within it the 50 players must survive the pitched battle that will be armed between themselves.

Creating a room to play is the first step, then within 10 minutes of the game you can land where you want, drive from motorcycles to large vehicles, play alone against everyone or as a team, checking the map in search of the best weapons and eliminate the rest of the players until you are number one, a game with a striking and amazing theme to try.

Free Fire was available in 2019, in all stores such as Android and IOS, downloading Free Fire is very simple, becoming that same year the most downloaded game in the world, in addition to setting a record of 80 million active users , being one of the largest games in the world.

However, being a very large game, which has millions of users and is very popular, it is normal for it to have errors, either through bugs or hackers, these can affect us to a point where we may lose our account.

Why does Free Fire ban my account?

Free Fire has a ban system, these are attentive to any suspicious activity in each of the game accounts, they apply a ban or suspension if there is any activity or report on your account due to the use of any software external to the application that has given you an unfair advantage in games.

However, not everything is bad, since there is a method to save our account from a suspension or ban, so that you can save your account and your progress during the game, then we will explain how to do it.

How to recover my Free Fire account?

To unban or save our account we must change the virtual address with which we are within the game servers, since it is our MAC address and not our account that is banned, to change it, we will download the Change My Mac application and install it On our device, this can be found in the Google Play Store.

After we have it installed we enter the application, within the app we will have different options in its main menu, such as Original MAC, this is our current address, below this option we will find a Current MAC call, we give this option, we restart our device and our MAC address will have already been changed.

After having restarted our device we can enter Free Fire again and use our account, in an extreme case where we are still banned, if we do not violate the rules by using an app to benefit when playing, we can contact Free Fire support, in the same way However, we recommend that you have a secondary account to continue playing.


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