How to recover mobile contacts

The best tricks to recover deleted or deleted contacts from your iPhone or Android mobile phonebook

Next we will teach you how to recover mobile contacts , a series of tricks so that you can recover deleted or deleted contacts from the phonebook of your iPhone or Android mobile in a fast way and without too many complications. And it is that with current mobiles and their integration with other online or cloud services , we can store hundreds and hundreds of contacts; and as they are saved, you may be able to delete or delete some without realizing it. But do not suffer, in most cases it is not an irreversible process, since there are different methods through which to recover mobile contactseliminated. Do not miss the best tricks to recover contacts from your mobile , either iOS (iPhone) or Android.

How to recover deleted contacts from mobile

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  • How to recover contacts on iOS (iPhone)
  • How to recover contacts on Android

How to recover contacts on iOS (iPhone)

If you have an iOS terminal , that is, an iPhone , you have two basic options to recover your contacts, either through the mobile backup or without it.

Recover contacts with backup

In the event that you have a backup of your mobile data in iCloud and the contacts synchronized with it, it will be very easy to recover the contacts. To do this, access the official iCloud website from your computer or mobile browser and enter your credentials (username and password) to log in. Now click on Settings . Now scroll to Advanced and choose the option Restore contacts ; finally, choose which contacts you want to restore.

Recover contacts without backup

If you do not have a backup in iCloud it will be much more complicated, although not impossible. In this case, you will have to trust third-party apps to try to recover contacts; and the best known and most recommended is Dr. Fone , a paid application (70 euros per year) that will allow you to recover that important contact that you have deleted. While it usually works quite well, it is not foolproof either.

How to recover contacts on Android

If you have an Android mobile, the contacts will be associated with your active Google account on your terminal, so you will have to use Google’s options to recover deleted contacts.

Recover contacts from Google Drive

Google Drive is a vital tool for backing up your Android mobile and also for recovering deleted contacts. Thus, if you have automatic backups configured in Google Drive, recovering deleted contacts is very easy. To do this, you just have to download the Google Drive app (if you don’t have it already installed), log in with your Google account, choose the data you want to restore (in this case the contacts) and click on Start copying. security . Of course, the system will rewrite the information, which will delete the last contacts added after the last backup.

Recover contacts from Gmail

To do this go from the browser on your computer or mobile to the official website of Gmail and enter your credentials (username and password) to log on . Once inside, click on the square-shaped dots icon (at the top right of the screen) to open a drop-down menu and click on the Contacts option . Inside, click on the option Change to the previous version located at the bottom of the screen. Once inside the previous panel, click on Reset contactsamong the options on the left; A window will open in which you can select the period of time you want to reset. Finally, if you do not know if you have the option to automatically synchronize mobile contacts, you will have to access from Settings – Accounts – Google to choose your account and activate the option to ensure that the data has been restored on your mobile.

Retrieve contacts from SIM

If you have changed your SIM card and one or more contacts have been lost (something more frequent than it seems), if you want to recover that contact it is essential that you still have the previous card. If so, enter it again on the new mobile. Now open the mobile contacts and go to Settings to select the Import option. A window will open for you to choose from where to import the contact; choose the correct option and click OK .

In the event that you want to transfer a contact from an old terminal to the new SIM, you will have to follow the previous steps but exporting the contact from the phone to the SIM card. When the export is finished, you will only have to insert the SIM in the new mobile to recover that contact that you had lost.

In the event that you change the SIM because the previous one was damaged, you will have to go to a customer service center of your operator to try to recover the data it may contain inside. If data recovery is not possible through a technician from your operator, you will not be able to recover those contacts.

Recover contacts with the Contacts app

Google has its own contacts application called Contacts with which to create backup copies of mobile contacts and save them in the cloud, so that it is possible to synchronize them between different devices with the same account or restore them in case they have been lost . To do this, open the Contacts app and click on the icon with the three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner. Now click on Settings and go to Manage contacts – Restore . Your Google account information will appear; choose the account from which you want to restore the contacts and press OK .

Recover contacts with the Dr. Fone app

As in the previous case, you can use the Dr. Fone app to try to recover lost or deleted contacts, as well as other files (photos, videos, documents), messages or call history, among others. As we say, it is a paid program; With the software already installed, connect the mobile to the computer with a USB cable with the USB Debugging option activated on the mobile.

  1. When accessing the program, click on Recovery.
  2. Three options will appear: Recover data from phoneRecover from SIM card, and Recover from broken phone .
  3. Choose the option you need according to your situation.
  4. Follow the steps indicated by the program to start recovering the deleted contact or contacts.


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