How to recover lost fires on Snapchat

Of all the social networks, Snapchat is definitely one of your favorites; in fact you spend a lot of time chatting and sending Snaps to your friends. As proof of your constant activity, you got the fire emoji but then, suddenly, this icon disappeared without you knowing why, so you would like to remedy the situation.

If this is the way things are and you are wondering how to recover lost fires on Snapchat , know that you have come across just the right tutorial. In later chapters of this my guide, in fact, I will provide all relevant information to better understand what is the status icon Infuocato of Snapchat, then I’ll tell you how to get it back.

How do you say? Is the topic of interest to you and are you looking forward to learning more? In this case, sit down comfortably, just take a few minutes of free time and carefully follow the instructions I am about to give you. You will see that, after reading this tutorial of mine, Snapchat will have fewer secrets for you. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to recover fires on Snapchat

Preliminary information

From the moment you are interested in knowing how to recover lost fires on Snapchat , I believe it is appropriate to give you some preliminary information about it.

Indeed, you must know that the emoji with the symbol of fire located in correspondence of your user name or that of a friend you’ve added on Snapchat, is nothing but the functionality SnapStreaks present in the popular social network, which indicates the status Infuocato .

If you and a friend of yours have the Fiery status, it means that you have had an intense interaction via Snapchat and that, in addition to private chat messages, you have exchanged several Snaps over the span of 24 hours and for more than three consecutive days: the number located next to the fire emoji , in fact, indicates how many days the Fiery state lasted .

For example, if there is the number 8 next to the emoji in question , it means that you and your friend have exchanged Snaps for eight consecutive days. Also, you need to know that the Burning status does not last forever: in fact, next to your friend’s name you will be shown the hourglass icon , in case the Burning status is about to end.

How, then, to recover this Fiery state ? All that needs to be done to get the fire icon again is to interact with a user again and make sure that there is a condition of reciprocity: it is not enough, in fact, to send messages in the chat because to stay with the Fire status it is necessary that both snapchatters send Snaps to each other within 24 hours.

How to recover fires on Snapchat

Having made the necessary premises and after having explained to you on a theoretical level everything that is necessary to do to recover the fires lost on Snapchat, the time has come to explain how to put into practice the indications I have provided.

before starting, I also remind you that, to send Snap on Snapchat you need to use the appropriate app of this social network available for Android (downloadable from the Play Store or via alternative stores ) or for iOS .

In fact, through the official Snapchat website , it is not possible to interact with other users, as this social network is designed to be used only by smartphones.

So, to get started, start the Snapchat app you installed on your device and log into your account , if you haven’t already, in order to view the main screen and the camera screen.

At this point, press on the cartoon icon located at the bottom, to view the Chat screen and the list of all the conversations currently active. Once this is done, press on the name of the user with whom you had previously exchanged private messages and Snaps to the point of obtaining the Fiery status .

Now, to be able to recover the Fiery status and, therefore, get the icon with the fire emoji again, all you have to do is send Snaps to the user and make sure you receive them in return. As mentioned, in fact, the Fiery state will activate when you have exchanged Snaps within 24 hours and for more than three consecutive days.

To send a Snap on Snapchat you can proceed directly from the screen of the private conversation with the user: to do so, press the camera icon , in order to take a photo or record a video via the Snapchat camera.

Once this is done, optionally use the icons located in the menu bar on the right, for example to add a piece of music ( Sounds ), or refer to the round icons located at the bottom to reach real-time filters. Finally, press the arrow icon to send the Snap to the user.

Once this is done, you just have to wait for the response from this person: if they send you Snaps in response within 24 hours and for more than three consecutive days, you will again be able to see, in correspondence with their username, the fire emoji icon .

In that case, then, you will have actually succeeded in having the Fire status on Snapchat again. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

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