How to recover iPhone without connectors?

Apple has already encountered this in the case of the Apple Watch. And he still faces this. When Apple Watch falls into a coma and does not respond to anything (and hard reset does not help), in order to bring them back to life, you have to resort to Apple’s help. This is terrible, but for the iPhone, especially when it comes to the most expensive models, this is generally unacceptable . They will simply stop buying them. And both software and iPhone hardware specialists are working on a solution to this problem.

How to recover iPhone without connectors?

For iPhones that cannot be connected to a computer using a cable to recover them, Apple is developing an Internet Recovery utility . The user can also launch it, allowing the utility to find the desired iPhone, scan it and find out everything she needs to know about it in order to restore or upgrade. Having sent the necessary data to a computer (on a Mac or PC), the utility will do everything that is needed, by itself, prompting the user at the right time the main steps.

Утилиту пока никто (за пределами Apple, кроме источника) не видел и не пробовал, поэтому как она будет выглядеть и вести себя в реальном мире, насколько она будет гибкой – неизвестно. Можно ли будет с помощью этой утилиты вернуться в предыдущую версию iOS, непонятно.

Most likely, the function will work “over the air” via iCloud

In addition, the iPhone can itself go into this mode, for example, in the event of a malfunction or a planned upgrade of the operating system. Except for the activation method, the rest is the same as with the first application method. It is difficult to imagine how all this will work (and how reliable). Many questions arise, but there are no answers yet. Initially, the terms of reference also included a third method of application – establishing a connection with the serviced iPhone using Bluetooth, but then it was excluded from the TOR: unreliable, unsafe and too slow.

IPhone secret diagnostic connector

One of the options to make a service connector is to use the Smart Connector from the iPad

IPhone hardware experts have been baffled by the development of a wired connection to a wireless iPhone. There won’t be a Lightning or USB-C connector on this iPhone, but the SIM card slot isn’t going anywhere. In the depths of the SIM-card compartment, behind a metal shutter (which can only be removed by the plug of a special Lightning-cable), a Lightning-connector “for service” will be hidden. It is not known whether the special cable will go on free sale, or only Apple authorized service centers and participants in the official independent repair program will be able to purchase it.

This approach has been and is being used by Apple for several years. Apple TV 4K (2017 model) has one fewer ports compared to Apple TV HD (2015 model). Before that, almost from the very first Apple TV, there was a USB connector on the body for service and repair, in Apple TV 4K it was hidden in a compartment behind a curtain in the Ethernet connector. Returning to the iPhone without a physical connector, it should be noted that this feature is clearly not for everyone. And even if in a couple of months it will be possible to buy a pirated copy of a special cable on eBay or Amazon, it will hardly help an ordinary user.

Why does Apple make an iPhone without connectors?

There are several versions. To enhance moisture resistance, for example. In fact, modern iPhones are already well protected from moisture and dust, at the level of household devices, which they are. A smartphone for work underwater or in an extremely dusty atmosphere will still not work from an iPhone. Moreover, the Lightning connector is not the only hole on the iPhone case.

According to another version, Apple does not like USB-C with a strange dislike, and for some reason does not believe in it. USB-C will soon become the only wired connection standard allowed in the European Union – and Apple seems to have no choice but to abandon any connectors. I think it’s because Apple doesn’t have Intel’s permission to use USB-C in the iPhone, and it’s impossible to negotiate a preferential price in the current relationship between the companies (they are getting divorced). And as far as I know, this year’s iPhones will not be banned for sale in the EU, even if they still use Lightning. Do you think dropping ports is generally a good idea? Share in the comments or in our chat on Telegram.


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