How to recover Instagram chats

Instagram is a platform with countless features and often you will have happened to write Direct messages to your friends by exchanging photos and videos. Although this action is very normal, you may often forget to save the images and files on the smartphone’s internal memory and then find yourself with nothing in your hands in case of accidental cancellation of the chat.

We are sure that you are just in such a situation and you need someone to explain to you how to recover Instagram chats for your device without going crazy behind computer codes and confusing guides.

In the next lines, in a direct and synthetic way, we will analyze the best systems to recover not only chats but also images and videos from Instagram Direct, focusing on methods that preserve your privacy and do not allow attacks from unknown sources. Ready to recover your chats? Then let’s get started.


  • Guide to restore deleted Direct on Instagram
    • What happens if I delete a chat on Instagram
    • How to see deleted messages on Instagram
    • How to recover deleted chats on Instagram iPhone
    • How to recover deleted chats on Instagram Android
    • How to recover deleted chats on Instagram on PC
    • How to Recover Direct Instagram Videos

Guide to restore deleted Direct on Instagram

The conditions in which you can cancel the chat on Instagram can be many, so that you can have a precise and linear picture of all the possible solutions, we anticipate that we will examine in the next lines: what happens if I delete a chat on Instagram.

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What happens if I delete a chat on Instagram

As anticipated in the introduction, unfortunately Instagram bases its data storage on its own server and not on your mobile or fixed device. This situation puts you in the condition, if you have not set the automatic save function on your smartphone , to necessarily lose all the files within the Instagram chat once deleted. This happens because Instagram’s Direct is not a real messaging program and consequently does not have an area dedicated to storing chats.

So be very careful before deleting a chat from this platform, as you may have difficulty recovering.

To set up autosave for Instagram Stories you need to:

  • Tap the Your Storyicon at the top ,
  • Tap Settings(gear icon in the top left).
  • Tap Historyand scroll to the Saving section .
  • Here turn ONSave to gallery and Save history to archive .
  • Pigia on Fine, top right.

Doing so will allow Instagram Stories to save the entire stream of published content.

How to see deleted messages on Instagram

An equally thorny topic is discovering deleted messages on Instagram. Unfortunately, once you have given the command to permanently delete the chat you will not be able to see the deleted messages. You will then have to rely on your memory or click Send message , on the desired profile, and observe if that chat is empty or not.

If it is completely devoid of messages then most likely you will have permanently deleted the conversation, but don’t give up we are here to understand how to recover it.

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How to recover deleted chats on Instagram iPhone

If you are a happy owner of an iPhone you will know how Instagram is particularly optimized on this device. All media files downloaded in Instagram Direct conversations are stored in the iOS Camera Roll. For you to be able to recover them, just start the Photos app , click on All photos and choose the desired photo or video in the allocated folder.

Probably if you are here you have not activated the save function on your device, right? All is not lost, Instagram offers an album called Recently Deleted , where the app automatically saves your files for a limited period, in most cases in iCloud .

Instagram gives you 40 days before deleting them completely, if you are in this time frame go to the Photos application and press on Album , in the latest version it is located at the bottom of the screen, scroll through the various windows and select the option Recently deleted .

At this point, click on Recover twice repeatedly and the selected file will be redirected to the iOS roll. Easy isn’t it?

How to recover deleted chats on Instagram Android

If your smartphone’s operating system is based on Android, the resolution process is very similar to that on iOS. Go to the Photos app and press the icon with the three vertical dots, at the top right. Then select the Collection option , at the bottom right, and among the different folders you will find the one called Instagram . Here are all photos and files deleted from Direct Instagram.

If even in this case you have not activated the save function on your device, you must use a file management application, such as Google Files .

Start the official Google Files app and select Browse , at the bottom of the different windows follow the path Internal memory , Pictures and finally Instagram . If you have followed the procedure to the letter you will find photos, videos and files downloaded from Instagram Direct.

Alternatively you can try to install the EaseUS MobiSaver Free for iPhone or EaseUS MobiSaver Wizard Free for Android program on your PC after connecting the phone via USB to the PC try to recover the multimedia data (photos and videos) by doing a full scan.

How to recover deleted chats on Instagram on PC

By reading the previous lines you will surely have become familiar with how to recover Instagram chats , but as with almost all applications, on the computer they take on a completely different functioning. To solve this problem we will rely on Windows 10 , considering it the most used operating system in recent years.

In order for you to access Instagram Direct, just download the official application from the Microsoft Store. Browsing the official Instagram Direct site is unfortunately not available.

Go to the official page of the Microsoft Store and download the original version by clicking on Get and then on Install . Then click on Start or on Start and log in with your Microsoft credentials.

At the top right you will find the airplane-shaped icon, click on it to enter the Direct section of Instagram .

In case you don’t have the Windows 10 operating system, you will need an Android emulator to be able to download the Instagram app and replicate it on your personal computer. In this regard, I recommend BlueStacks .

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How to Recover Direct Instagram Videos

You have done everything we have listed for you but you cannot find your videos in the Instagram Direct. Video recovery deserves a separate paragraph since the size and accessory features push Instagram to consider them special multimedia files.

When you delete a video from Instagram Direct you will only be able to find it on iCloud for iPhone and Google Files if you are using an Android device. As already mentioned in the previous lines you have 40 days to be able to dig into the recently deleted virtual folder , once this has passed you will not be able to recover any videos.

We recommend that you absolutely activate the automatic save function on the cloud or directly on your device. If you are a particularly anxious person and you absolutely do not want to lose Instagram Direct, you can make an Automatic Backup every seven days and save the zip folder on the microSD card.

Alternatively you can:

  • Launch the Instagramapp for Android and iOS.
  • Tap on the little manat the bottom right to access your profile.
  • Tap on theicon with the three overlapping dashes and tap on Settings .
  • Press on Securityand then on Download data .
  • On the next screen, tap the Request Downloadbutton by specifying your email address.
  • An email will be sent to you with a link to a file containing your photos, comments and profile information. You will have to wait at least 48 hours.
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