How to recover files from the hard drive of a computer

If you’re having trouble and your computer won’t start, then you should read the guide we have prepared on How to Recover Files from a Hard Drive from a Computer That Won’t Start . Something you should know in the event of an emergency that requires access to files on a computer that is not working.

In most circumstances, it is possible to recover files from a computer that won’t start, as hard drives rarely fail out of nowhere. If you want to access your information again, please read the following guide carefully.

Recover files from computer that won’t boot

It is quite common that due to some failure, virus or other problem a computer does not start and although it is possible to fix the computer when it does not turn on , another concern arises, the important information that we have there. Either way, in most cases this information remains intact on our hard drives, unless it is clearly a failure of the storage unit.

In the event that the hard drive is in perfect condition, recovering the information will not be complicated, in fact, it can be done very easily if you have the right tools. On the other hand, if your disk fails, there are ways to repair a damaged hard disk that won’t boot .

How to recover files from hard drive of a computer that won’t boot

There are ways to fix the problem that your computer won’t start and you want to get the files back. For this, it will be necessary to first remove the hard drive in which you have your valuable information. It may seem like a complicated process, but it is not, read these guidelines to do it the right way.

You will need the following tools: an extra computer , which will be used to retrieve your files, screwdriver. It is also essential that the hard drive of the computer that you will use has the necessary space to recover your files.

Remove hard drive from failing computer

  1. The first thing to do is make sure that the equipment is completely off . For this disconnect the power supply and the cable connected to the power supply of your computer.
  2. Once you realize that all power sources have been properly disconnected, it will be necessary to open the computer case or cabinet . You may very well have to remove both covers as many times the hard drive is screwed on from both sides.
  3. When you have removed the front covers, it is time to locate your hard drive. After this, it will be necessary to disconnect the cables that go from the motherboard to the hard disk and those of the power source.
  4. Do this carefully, most drives today work through the SATA connection, and many of them have a small button or tab that you must press in order to remove the cable from the drive and the motherboard.
  5. Once you have removed the hard drive, you must connect it to the computer that you will use to retrieve your information . The process is the same but in reverse, make sure you connect everything correctly.

Enter the computer and retrieve your information

  1. Once you have correctly connected the hard disk, it is necessary to start the computer, note that it starts from the hard disk already present inside the machine and not from the one from which you want to recover information.
  2. The system should automatically detect the new hard drive. For this reason, it should appear in the list of storage units found in the “Computer” section.
  3. Now all you have to do is enter your hard drive and recover all those important data .
  4. In the event that you cannot find the documents you were looking for, you can use a data recovery tool, such as the one you will find in the following tutorial.

If for some reason you cannot access your files, there is always the option of recovering your lost files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard , an excellent application designed specifically for this purpose.


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