How to Recover Facebook Account

To recover the password you only need an email or a mobile.Facebook is the most widespread social network in the world and has billions of users on it. Social networks have seen their traffic tremendously increased with the pandemic, since the little social life that we were allowed was limited to being from a distance. For sure, many of these people did not remember their accounts and have had to resort to requesting new passwords to access them again and maintain some contact with their acquaintances.

That is why Facebook has been one of the most requested in this case, and its former users have been able to easily recover accounts , since the social network makes it simple, knowing that its audience is not just young people who are used to technology, but also older people who maintain contact with acquaintances around the globe.

How to recover Facebook account step by step

We are going to see how to recover the Facebook account step by step , so that in a few minutes we will have access to it again and continue to contact people.

  1. First of all, we must go to the official website, , and click where I have a red box to request a new password.
  2. The next step is to indicate the email associated with the Facebook account, or the mobile number. We must know and have access to one of those two things, if we are not going to also have to retrieve the email or our old number, something that I suppose will be quite complicated according to each case.
  3. Once we have indicated either of the two things, it will give us two options: recover the password by mobile phone or by email. There is a third option below: You no longer have access? This link will take you to try to log into Facebook again, and if you don’t succeed and you tell them that you can’t access your email either, they’ll tell you that they can’t do anything.
  4. If we choose the mobile option from the beginning, they will send us a code to the mobile phone, we insert it in the new window that opens and it will let us set a new Facebook password, or click to skip and log directly into the social network.
  5. If, on the other hand, we choose the email option, they will send us another code to the email and we will have to follow the same steps.

Both methods are equivalent and just as simple, and are used as various options to offer all the facilities to the user. Once we finish with any of the methods, it will take us to a page where we can set a new password . Although it is difficult to remember a secure password, it is recommended to use uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols , since recovering the Facebook password is simple, but dealing with the damage that someone else can do with your account it is not.

If you have deleted the Facebook account you can also recover it

In other of our guides we saw how to permanently delete Facebook  or Instagram so as not to leave a trace of us in said social network. It should be remembered that, if you have started this process, you can still recover the account if 30 days have not passed since you requested it. This process is different from recovering the password, since here what you recover in the account itself. It is useful because someone may have logged in with your account and requested the complete deletion, so you can avoid this by logging in to Facebook directly. If you receive an email of this style, you will have to enter as soon as you can, and you may have to recover the password by following the steps that we have described above.

Enjoy your account again in a few minutes

Recovering the Facebook account is a simple process if you are the owner, since you must identify yourself with an email or mobile number , both platforms being quite secure. If your email associated with Facebook is from Google, we recommend this guide where, in addition to being able to recover the Gmail password , we indicate some recommendations to strengthen it and make it more secure.

That said, we have seen that in a few minutes you can recover your Facebook account and set a new password . It is a process that is designed for all audiences and that offers many facilities, since the social network is aware of how easy it is to forget the complicated secure passwords that many times force us to put in numerous sites.


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