How to recover deleted videos on Android

Either by accident or done on purpose, you can recover a deleted video from Android , although not always the tools that you can use to execute this task could give you a 100% recovery result, so you must take this into account when using them. .

Fortunately, the images or videos that you delete from the photo gallery of your Android mobile are not permanently deleted , but rather go to a kind of trash can that allows them to be recovered after they have been deleted, so they have not really been deleted.

In other words, what has really happened is that they move from one folder to another and where the rest of the multimedia content is no longer accessible. Now, after a few days, they are likely to be completely removed until they do disappear from the phone.

You may find yourself in some of these two situations, depending on which one you find yourself, you can choose one way or another and it is a matter of trying the available options that aim to recover the deleted video from the Android mobile.

Look in the trash can

When you delete a video from your Android phone, it usually doesn’t get completely deleted from the phone, but instead ends up in the trash in your image gallery , so this is where you should first look before using any kind of recovery software. data.

Therefore, enter the image gallery and access the folders section, look for one called “trash”, “deleted” or similar , there should be that previously deleted video and from there you can recover it back to the “visible” part of the gallery.

With EaseUS MobiSaver-Recover photos & contacts

If you do not have the videos in the trash on your Android mobile, the recovery options are more limited because you already have to use specific software for this type of task, and a 100% recovery rate is not always offered for be able to recover what was deleted.

One of the applications that you should try to recover your deleted videos is EaseUS MobiSaver-Recover photos & contacts , a free and very simple utility that allows you to recover photos, videos and data from your phone. First download it from the Play Store:

  • Download With EaseUS MobiSaver-Recover Photo & Contacts for Android

Once downloaded and installed, this is what you have to do:

  • Open the app and click on the “Photo & video” section.
  • It will begin a complete analysis of the phone in search of files, if the video is found, you have the option to recover from the “videos” tab. The app advises you to root the phone for best results.

With Photo video audio recovery

There is another application in the Play Store called Photo video audio recovery with which you can also recover videos that you have previously deleted from the phone, as well as photos and audios. It is free and the first thing you should do is download it, we leave you the link:

  • Download Photo Video Audio Recovery for Android

Then follow these steps:

  • Open the app and click on “use free now.”
  • Next, click on “video recovery” and wait for the analysis that the app will do, it may take a few seconds or even a few minutes, then you can recover the videos that appear and that the application has been able to show.

With Recuva

Recuva is another popular computer software that allows you to recover files, including videos. The downside is that it is a PC utility, but you can use it to recover your videos from your mobile simply by connecting your smartphone to your PC via USB.

Its operation is quite simple, just download the application, first of all:

  • Download Recuva for Windows

Now you have to do the following:

  • Connect your mobile to your computer and open Recuva and click on “cancel” to open the app.
  • Choose the corresponding USB drive on the mobile from the top and click on scan, now we just have to wait. In a few minutes you should get results, if they have the green icon they are in good condition, while if the red color appears they could not have good quality. From there you can start recovering the videos you need.

You have several options to try to recover deleted videos from your Android phone or tablet , but keep in mind that once deleted from the phone, the chances of recovering it to 100% and with the same quality are drastically reduced.

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