How to Recover Deleted Videos and Files on Android using Diskdigger.

If you have deleted photos and videos from your Android device, don’t worry because you can recover them with “Diskdigger”, the tool is an alternative to view and recover deleted photos or videos from Google Photos in a simple way. Therefore, we invite you to read this article with which you will learn how to recover deleted videos and files on Android using Diskdigger.

The ‘Diskdigger’ App

“Diskdigger” is an application that allows you to recover video files and photos that have been deleted from a mobile device. It is convenient to indicate that the free version of Diskdigger is compatible with JPG and NPG formats , while the professional version facilitates the recovery of files with AMR, DOC, MP3, MP4 formats, among others.

What is Diskdigger for?

Many users consider that Diskdigger is the best app to recover deleted files from Android phones . This opinion is due to the fact that the tool is very powerful when restoring video files and images that were considered lost from the internal memory of the cell phone or on the memory card.

Diskdigger works quickly and easily in the process of obtaining photos and  videos  that have been deleted by accident or after having deleted an application. Users can restore files via Google Drive or from another cloud platform. It is even possible to save the recovered files in a different folder on the device.

How to Recover Deleted Videos and Files on Android Using Diskdigger

If you want to recover deleted videos and files on Android using the Diskdigger app, it is convenient that you follow each of the steps that we explain below.

Download and install Diskdigger

The first step is to download Diskdigger from the “Play Store”. To do so, head over to the Diskdigger website on the Play Store . Locate “Diskdigger” and click “Download.”

Once the app is downloaded, the package called “com.defianttech.diskdigger” will be stored in your terminal. Press “Install” from the “Play Store” and wait a few seconds until the installation is complete on your device.

Use Diskdigger

You can use Diskdigger to recover deleted or deleted photos from Android without ROOT (and you can also use the above link to see other alternatives). To retrieve the information, choose the partition where you will search for video and image files .

Then press the “Scan” button. This process will last a few seconds or a few minutes depending on the size of the partition that you have selected in your terminal.

It is important to note that during the scanning process, Diskdigger will display each of the images that it finds on your mobile device. You will not be able to access the video or audio files if you have purchased the free version.

How do I access the videos and songs?

If you prefer to access audio and video files from Diskdigger, you will have to download the Pro version which is paid . To do this, you can access the manufacturer’s website in order to know the costs and requirements to take full advantage of the tool.

The process for obtaining videos and audios from Diskdigger is identical to the one developed for the free version. Select the partition where you will search and then press the “Scan” button for the app to carry out the file recovery process.

Why should I use Diskdigger to recover deleted photos and videos?

There are multiple tools aimed at the same purpose: recover deleted photos and videos on Android and iOS . However, Diskdigger stands out above all other options because it is not only compatible with Android but also with other platforms such as iOS, Windows and Linux.

The performance of the application is an outstanding attribute since Diskdigger works efficiently . Although it is not mandatory to be a ROOT user, if you prefer to obtain optimal results, then we recommend having your device rooted.


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