How to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp

The best tricks to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp

Next we will show you how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp through five possible solutions that will allow you to recover those photos that refuse to be downloaded again. And it is that on many occasions surely you have found photos of WhatsApp chats blurred or that are not shown in the conversation; and if you click on the photo an error message appears with ” Does not exist in your internal storage “. This occurs because the photo in question has already been deleted and therefore is not displayed in the chat. Therefore, if you want to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp , we offer you up to five different solutions.

How to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp

Index of contents

  • Download the photo again
  • Access the photo with WhatsApp Web
  • Recover WhatsApp backup
  • Recover photos with the DiskDigger app
  • Ask the other user for the photo

Download the photo again

The first step is to try the basic solution and the one that you have probably already tried, which is none other than trying to download the photo again through the same WhatsApp chat in which it is located. And is that in some cases, WhatsApp allows you to download again a photo that appears blurred. This option can work in those cases in which the photo has been deleted recently and the copy of it is still available on the WhatsApp servers ; Furthermore, the other user does not need to be connected.

To do this, you just have to click on the photo download icon and wait for luck. If pressing the download icon for the photo itself doesn’t work, read on.

Access the photo with WhatsApp Web

Another possible solution is to use WhatsApp Web , the web version of the WhatsApp mobile application. And it is that on some occasions, a photo that has been deleted from the WhatsApp app is still available in the web version of the app thanks to its own servers. To do this, access WhatsApp Web through its official page and log in with the official method, that is, through the QR code that is displayed on the screen and that you will have to scan with your mobile. Don’t miss all the details on how to log into WhatsApp Web through our tutorial .

Once you have managed to access WhatsApp Web with your account, in some cases photos already deleted can be shown in the same chat of the WhatsApp app, giving you the opportunity to access that deleted photo that you cannot access with the app. WhatsApp of the mobile. Otherwise, an error message will appear again, in this case, ” This photo cannot be viewed because it is no longer on your phone .”

Recover WhatsApp backup

If the above methods have not worked, you can always try to recover that deleted photo through WhatsApp backup . Thus, if you have activated the option to make backup copies of the WhatsApp app, it is possible to recover both the messages and the photos and videos from said backup copies.

If you want to check the date of the last WhatsApp backup, you just have to go to the application settings and access the Chats section . Now go to Backup to see the date and time of the last recorded backup; If you think that the last backup copy may contain the photo you want to recover, you will have to restore the WhatsApp backup.

If you want to restore the last backup of your WhatsApp account, you will have to delete the app data or reinstall WhatsApp to start from scratch and restore said backup. Thus, when you restart WhatsApp with your mobile number, the app will detect the backup in Google Drive and restore it; click on the Restore option to recover it. Think that the backup may take more or less depending on the amount of information (photos and videos) and the internet connection.

Recover photos with the DiskDigger app

DiskDigger is a third-party application specialized in recovering photos from the memory of your mobile phone; of course, to obtain the best results it is necessary to have the Android mobile root, so that DiskDigger can access the memory of the terminal and recover deleted photos.

Thus, after installing the app you can now perform an analysis in search of deleted photos in the memory of the mobile; the process can be quite long, so be patient. Once the results are obtained, you can select the photos you want to recover and save them in another location, such as a program in the cloud. This will ensure you do not lose them and keep them safe.

Ask the other user for the photo

The last option has no mystery, although it can really become your last resort to try to recover a deleted photo of a WhatsApp conversation; And it is that you can always try to request that photo from the other person in the chat , to whom you sent it at a previous moment and decided to delete it later. To do this, and make things easier, you can slide the deleted photo to the side to use the WhatsApp reply function, thus indicating that you would like to recover that specific photo. It will be up to the other person whether or not they want to send the photo again so that you can see it again and / or download it.


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