How to recover deleted photos from android gallery

how to recover deleted photos from android gallery.Are you desperate because you have deleted photos from your Android device and now you want to look at them again? We quickly explain how you can recover them.

Have you accidentally deleted photos from your Android smartphone and now you don’t know how to recover them? Often, in fact, it only takes a moment, a wrong key combination, to delete the photo that was so dear to you! In short, there are many reasons that lead to delete one or more photos , intentionally or by mistake. Do not worry!

The first thing you should know is that continuing to fill your device’s memory by creating new files, taking new photos or downloading apps, all of which could overwrite the deleted files and seriously compromise the recovery of deleted photos!

For this reason, although it is possible, as we will show you shortly, to try to recover deleted photos either by using your smartphone or by connecting it to the PC, our advice is to use a software to install on the PC in order not to take the risk. to overwrite the deleted photos by filling the memory of your Android device.

If you have a backup of your device, recovering deleted photos is super easy. The problem arises when the backup doesn’t include the files you were looking for. But don’t worry, just use the right program and you can get the files back again!

In this guide we will show you how to recover deleted photos from your Android phone thanks to some Apps that you can download on your PC or smartphone.

  1. Restore deleted Android photos with Google Photos backup
  2. App to recover deleted photos from Android
    1. DiskDigger
    2. fone for Android
  3. How to avoid losing Android photos

Restore deleted Android photos with Google Photos backup

Before explaining how to recover accidentally deleted photos from your Android phone using more complex solutions, you need to check if you have enabled the Google Photos backup function on your phone. In Google Photos, deleted images and videos will remain in the trash for 60 days.

So what you need to do before trying to recover deleted photos with a more complex procedure is to check directly using your smartphone if the backup function is active by following the following steps:

  1. In the menu of your smartphone, search among the Google Photos Apps and click on the icon to open it;
  2. Tap the icon (☰) that appears at the top left within the Google Photos application;
  3. Select the Trash item to view the files that have been deleted in the last 60 days;
  4. If you are lucky the image you want to restore will be present in the recycle bin and you just need to hold your finger down on it to be able to restore it by touching the small arrow for recovery.

If, on the other hand, the photo is not present in the recycle bin and therefore you have not been able to restore it from the last backup, then continue reading our guide to find out how to recover deleted Android photos with a more complex procedure!

App to recover deleted photos from Android

To recover deleted photos from Android phones, there are free applications designed specifically to recover deleted photos .

The only problem is that these apps only work if the smartphone is unlocked with Root. The Root is a procedure created to obtain permissions to intervene on the system, only then can you try to recover deleted photos from your mobile. Below we present you one of the most used apps for recovering deleted photos on Android.


 This is a free application that allows you to recover deleted files from any Android device by either downloading it to your smartphone or installing it on your PC (the procedure is the same whatever the device you choose to use).


After downloading DiskDigger from Play Store, just start the scan and choose the photos to restore, in this case put the check mark on JPG.

All recoverable items will be shown to you. Once you have chosen what to recover, all you have to do is select the desired item and click on the cloud-shaped recovery icon located at the top right.

To complete the operation just select the ” Save selected files locally “. It is a very simple application to use even if it has not yet been translated into Italian.

Dr.fone for Android

 This very interesting software is to be installed on your Windows computer and allows you to recover photos, files, videos and messages from the Android smartphone connected to your PC.

Installation and operation is really simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download and install the program on your computer;
  2. Click on the item “Data Recovery” (“Recover” in the English version);
  3. Connect the Android device from where to recover deleted photos via the USB cable;
  4. Enable USB Debugging mode on the Android device;
  5. Click on “Start” to begin the analysis of your device;
  6. Choose a single data to recover, in our case “Gallery”;
  7. Select “Standard Mode”;
  8. View the preview;
  9. Select the file to recover and click on “Recover”;
  10. Choose the path to save the recovered photos.
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