How to recover deleted photos and videos on an Android mobile in 2021

Sometimes you delete photos to free up space on your mobile, or by mistake, and when you realize it you already think it is too late. No, it is not too late to recover those photos and videos that you have deleted. We explain the different methods there are to restore everything deleted.

Throughout this article we are going to show you several ways to recover those photos and videos that you thought were deleted forever. We are going to do the process on a Huawei Nova 5T, although the steps do not differ much from one mobile or another as long as it is Android.

If you see just enough storage and that is why you have deleted the photos and videos from your Android phone, we recommend using MicroSD cards if your mobile allows it or using a cloud service. You can also use an external hard drive to store all your memories there or a NAS server if we talk about a lot of photos and videos.

Recover Photos and Videos from Gallery

If you have just deleted a file in the gallery of your Android mobile, or you did it a few days ago, then you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the gallery of your Android smartphone.
  • Scroll down and when you locate Deleted / Recently Deleted/ Trash, or a similar name, press and you will see all the photos and videos that have been deleted.
  • From there you can recover all those files that are visible. The photos and videos you delete go into that folder, and they stay there for 30 days, then they are deleted forever.
  • Click on a photo and select the Restore option.

Use Google Photos to recover deleted items

If by some bad chance the photo or video you are looking for is no longer in the Recently Deleted section of your gallery, you have the option of Google Photos.

Deleting a photo from the mobile does not mean also deleting it from Google Photos , they are two different storages and the synchronization only works in one direction, from the mobile gallery to Photos to store them in high quality.

Should you install an antivirus on your Android or iPhone mobile?

Although having an antivirus installed on our PC is normal, why don’t most users trust antivirus programs for their mobiles?

Read the news

Free storage for Google Photos will soon come to an end, but don’t panic. We already told you how to download your photos from the Google cloud and we also explained what exactly these Google changes consist of .

  • Open Google Photos and tap on Library.
  • Now select Trash.
  • Mark the photos or videosyou want to recover and click Restore .

If you can’t find the photos and videos you want to recover here either, then it’s time to seek help from third-party applications. Before telling you which apps we recommend, you should know that you have to give them permission to access your gallery and scan the content.

  • Disk Video Recovery Pro : the good thing about this free app (with ads) is that it gives us different options to make our search more or less exhaustive.
  • EaseUS MobiSaver : used for photos, videos and even to recover contacts. It’s free, but it comes with in-app purchases. The options are limited, it still works very well.
  • DigDeep : Free and full of ads, but it does the job. With this simple app you can bring back almost everything you deleted.

The vast majority of applications to recover deleted items are usually free and full of advertising, but there is a small print that few will tell you. Some applications will only recover those photos, if you already had the app installed when you deleted the photos.


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