How to recover deleted Facebook comment

Facebook defines social media today. It is arguably the most popular social media platform used with users around the world. Facebook is one of the oldest platforms that ushered in the modern age of social media that we are witnessing today. It is developed as a web application with all the latest features that users want on social media. Although it initially started as an application that will bring people together, the goal has already been met, but at the same time it has evolved to offer something beyond.

Facebook is known for the technical staff it hires to keep its website and mobile applications running with the latest patches offered by Facebook Inc. However, with the change that the social media giant implements every day to keep its Users on the edge of their experience, people often report various problems they face with the Facebook website or application. Most of these errors seem to arise as a result of the ignorance of the users and therefore can mostly be completed temporarily. Although sometimes some problems occur with the web application itself and due to certain technical glitches at its end, they rarely persist due to the efficiency of the team that works for Facebook.

We all know Facebook comments, right? Commenting on Facebook is one of the most important facilities that the web application offers its users. These comments are nothing more than the voices of users, who love to express themselves on this social media platform.

Comments are available in various media. Yes, the little conversations, gossip, discussions or emojis that you find in your profile picture and any other image, text or video that you post and the status that you share are nothing more than user comments.

User comments either approve or disapprove of your post or are neutral. While most of these comments are text messages, many of them are usually images, videos, GIFs, or emoticons.

Users have the authority to delete their own comments made on their posts, as well as other people’s posts. However, when the post is not yours and someone else comments on it, you also have the authority to remove other people’s comments because the post is yours after all.

One of the biggest problems Facebook users complain about is when they find out that their comments have been removed. This is literally an annoying problem that users can encounter on Facebook because comments are often informational messages that are well thought out and take time to write. In addition, users are also very attached to the comments they make on their profile or other profiles and are often deeply immersed in their emotions. So right after a user detects that a specific comment has been deleted from Facebook, the immediate action is almost always the effort to get it back.

Imagine if your comments are suddenly deleted! It will immediately look to get it back after investigating why it was deleted.

Deleted Facebook comments are not permanent

Comments deleted from Facebook may horrify you, but relax because they are not permanent. The moment we discovered that our Facebook comments have been removed, we concluded that they cannot be recovered. However, this is not the case.

Now if you find a deleted comment on Facebook, you have to understand that the comment is not permanently deleted, it is simply removed from your view. In these cases, when they are deleted from Facebook, the comments can often be recovered.

Deleted comments may no longer appear on your Facebook account, but you can still recover old comments from the system. That’s because you should know that Facebook stores everything on its servers. It is true that you can even delete your account completely and still restore it again. Old messages are not very difficult to retrieve these days. In the past, you may be aware of a bug on Facebook, which actually started to restore deleted messages automatically. However, this bug was fixed shortly after being detected by Facebook’s technical team.

Does Facebook archive deleted posts on the platform?

The answer is yes. Facebook archives everything that you and your friends delete from the Facebook website or your mobile app that you may not see after deleting it. It can be for better or for worse, which is subjective, but you can get it all back in a few easy steps.

If you are wondering how to get your Facebook comments back, here are a series of simple and sequential steps to help you do it easily:

·         You need to start starting your Facebook application or visit the official Facebook website.

·         After visiting Facebook, you need to click on the arrow that appears in the upper right corner of your browser. You can also find it in your application, but it is best to open it through a browser.

·         After clicking the icon, a drop-down menu should appear on the screen.

·         Then you need to click on the option that says “Settings”.

·         This will help you open the general settings of your Facebook account.

·         After that, you need to click on the option that says “Your Facebook Information” on the left panel of the screen.

·         Then you must select “Download your information” that appears on the main screen.

·         This will help you download a copy of all the information that you entered into your Facebook account.

·         Here, you can try clicking on posts to see all posts that you have already entered on Facebook.

·         You can also try selecting comments. This will help you see each Facebook comment separately.

If your comments are voluntarily removed that’s still fine, but what’s more annoying is when Facebook bans a certain user or limits their comments. Yes, this can also happen to you if you don’t use your Facebook account wisely enough. Therefore, posting comments carefully and in moderation and not spamming Facebook should be ideal.

Now that you know, Facebook maintains a file that stores all your actions on Facebook, you must also be careful with what you post and avoid unnecessary activities or communications of any kind in your account. This is because many activities on Facebook would limit the possibilities of restoring important ones, because then they may already be too old to recover.

Also, it is always better to avoid unnecessary communications or any other actions that you may later regret. Discussions on political issues and other sensitive topics must be strictly prohibited.

Final note

Facebook is an incredible medium where we like to spend our time. So there is no reason to stay away from this amazing social media platform. We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you have finally been able to recover your deleted comments. So Enjoy!

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