How to recover deleted emails from Outlook

One of the largest email services is Outlook . This email is owned by the Microsoft company and is affiliated with many applications. In the same way, it is a requirement to be able to enter these applications; For example, to create a Skype account or to use OneDrive.

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  1. How can I access the ‘Deleted Emails’ folder in Outlook?
  2. What is the procedure to restore these emails from the trash?
    1. From the web server
    2. From the mobile app
  3. How can I locate an email that is not in the deleted folder?
    1. On Android or iOS cell phone
    2. On PC
  4. Is it possible to recover an email that has been deleted from the Outlook Deleted folder?

How can I access the ‘Deleted Emails’ folder in Outlook?

In most cases, in the process of wanting to exchange information, we create an Outlook email but because we don’t know how to use it, we delete an important email; then to access the deleted emails, the first thing you should do is look on your side of the screen where the folders of your email appear, look for the folder that says deleted items and proceed to look there for the email you need.

It should be noted that even the contacts, tasks or appointments that you have deleted are hosted there , that is, not only the emails. So you will be able to recover what you accidentally deleted.

What is the procedure to restore these emails from the trash?

The first step you must take, being in the deleted items folder of your Outlook account, is to locate the item you want to recover. That is, if you already got the email you deleted by accident, then you are going to click it and you are going to select the option to recover in that new section.

If for some reason you do not want the message to be restored to your startup, but to go to a totally different folder, what you should do is click but the secondary button and select the move option; and then click on the option to move to a different folder. The next thing you should do is specify the folder in which you want to save that email , finally click on move.

From the web server

The procedure on computers and mobiles is very similar, but if you want to restore files; You must first get to your left the trash folder, in which are the emails that are not deleted unless you proceed to delete all the items.

The first step is when you are in the folder, select the message you want to recover and click on the restore option and then you will have your item recovered.

From the mobile app

In the same way that you access the trash folder from a PC, you can do it from your mobile application. Likewise, you can access your Outlook account but from a desktop version if somehow you cannot access it directly.

How can I locate an email that is not in the deleted folder?

In certain cases we cannot find in any way that much desired email that we need but that is not there in the deleted folder; then you have to proceed to another option which would be the recoverable items folder that can also be very useful.

On Android or iOS cell phone

The possibility of losing an email that we need happens both on our phones and on our PC, all involuntarily . One of the ways to recover files is through an application that helps us recover deleted files.

You can get this application by downloading the Play Store on any device with Android operating system, and in the App Store for iOS devices; there look for the best options. At the same time, you can also try the steps that we will take to do through the PC because you may also be able to access it from your mobile.


The first thing you should do is click on the recoverable items folder on the left side of your Outlook account and click on the deleted items folder on the left side of the web. The second thing you should do is look for the option to recover deleted items and then you must choose the email you want to recover.

Finally, you are going to select to recover from the toolbar or in another case you are going to select the reading panel option and click on recover items, select and voila, your item will be recovered.

Depending on what you retrieved, this email will go to the option where it belongs, for example if you deleted something from the calendar then when you retrieve it it will be on the calendar again.

Is it possible to recover an email that has been deleted from the Outlook Deleted folder?

It is possible to the extent of the time that has elapsed so far that you want to retrieve an email, the ideal is within 30 days that it can be much easier to retrieve an email.

In case you are not successful with all of the above, you can try the method of a file recovery software   to access each of your deleted emails. Likewise, to carry out this step you need an internet connection and the ideal would be to configure and establish the Google Chrome search engine to perform the steps more quickly.

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