How to recover data from a corrupted SD

Follow our tutorial to recover an SD card and format it if it is not possible

The SD cards or microSD have become storage units very useful in our daily lives, since we can store and transport a large amount of data in a small space; In addition, they are very useful in devices such as smartphones , tablets , computer equipment or digital cameras. Of course, like any storage unit, they are not infallible and we may suddenly detect errors that prevent us from accessing our information stored there. Therefore, we offer you a simple tutorial to try to recover data from a damaged SD or microSD card andhow to format a card if it is not possible to recover the data and we want to reuse it again, all through Windows 10 .

How to recover a corrupted SD card

The first thing we must do is insert the damaged SD or microSD card into the corresponding slot of our desktop or laptop PC; If we do not have a slot of this type, we will have to resort to a USB adapter . Then we must press the Windows + R keys on our keyboard to open the Windows Run window . In the Open tab we must write CMD and press OK . Once done, we will access the Windows 10 command console .

Already in the Windows 10 command console, we must write the command to search and solve problems in a storage unit. To do this, we must write the command chkdsk X: / F / R replacing the X with the letter of the drive where the SD or microSD card that we intend to repair is located. For example, if the card is in the E drive, we write chkdsk E: / F / R .

This combined command performs several actions. Thus, the / F command solves errors detected by the operating system; on the other hand, the / R command scans the drive (in this case, the SD or microSD card) looking for bad sectors and, if possible, recovering all the information . They are not 100% effective but will often save us from more than one tricky situation. Of course, if it does not work, we will consider the information lost and we will go to the next step: format it .

How to format an SD card

If the previous tutorial has not given good results and it throws us some kind of error message through the Windows 10 command console, we will have to format the card if we want to use it again, of course, losing all the stored data permanently . To do this, we must insert the card into the computer in its corresponding slot (or, again, through a USB adapter ) and wait a few moments for Windows 10 to detect it. Now we must right-click on the card icon through My Computer to open a pop-up menu with several options, among which is Format .

Already in the format menu, we will have to choose the file system that we want to apply the formatting on the card; FAT32 is selected by default , although we can change to NFTS if we want to store large files. Finally, we can check the Quick format box if we want to go faster, although if we want to format a damaged drive, it is best to uncheck this option and that the formatting time will be longer, although more secure.



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