How to recover closed tabs in Chrome

Learn how to recover closed tabs in Chrome using simple techniques and shortcuts. Never lose important tabs again with these helpful tips.

How to recover closed tabs in Chrome

In this guide I am going to explain how to recover closed tabs in Chrome . I show you how to do it both in the desktop version of the browser and in the mobile apps for Android and iOS. This way, you will not lose any website that you found interesting and you will be able to return to the information you need to consult, even after you have closed the tab. Do not miss it!

Index of contents

  • How to recover closed tabs in Chrome for computers
    • Control + Shift + T
    • Tab Finder
    • Check the most visited websites
    • Use history
  • How to recover closed tabs in Chrome for mobile

How to recover closed tabs in Chrome for computers

It’s probably happened to you: you were reading a very interesting article and, without thinking, you closed the tab. How can you return to that website immediately? What if you closed the tab several minutes or even a few hours ago? In Google Chrome there are several methods to recover closed tabs . The best thing is that the tricks I show you below also work in most alternative browsers . So, even if you’re not a Chrome user, you’ll want to stay until the end.

Control + Shift + T

The quickest way to recover a tab you just closed in Chrome is with the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + T (on Mac, Command + Shift + T). This combination is the equivalent of Control + Z in other applications, but in this case it is applied to the eyelashes.

To know how it works, think about the following situation. You are reading an article in Profesional Review and one of the links included in the text seems interesting to you. You click on it and open it in a new tab . In addition to those two tabs, you have another one in which a Google search has been loaded. Then, you finish reading the content of this blog, close the two tabs and you are left with only one. But right after you realize that you have not consulted an important detail in the initial article.

In one situation, if you launch the command Control + Shift + T , the last tab you closed will appear again. Now, if you launch this key combination again, the next tab you closed will open. In other words: you are going to undo the tab closures one by one.

It is important to note that the path followed by the keyboard shortcut that I mentioned takes into account all open windows. If you have closed all the tabs in a window other than the active one , Chrome will open the pages again in their corresponding window.

Tab Finder

Another way to recover closed tabs in Chrome is with its specialized search engine . I’m not referring to the navigation bar that is used to enter URLs, but to that button located in the upper right corner, which has an arrow pointing down inside. Don’t you know what I mean? No problem. Here is an image that will surely clarify your doubts:

If you click on it, you will be able to see a section called Recently Closed . They are the last 8 tabs that you have closed. This list is updated as you close tabs in the browser. On the other hand, the content of this space is the same in all windows. Additionally, it is also interesting to note that, even when the browser has been closed completely , for example, after restarting the computer, the last 8 closed tabs continue to appear there. Therefore, you will be able to recover tabs in Chrome hours after using the browser.

But the thing doesn’t stop there. If you click on the upper text field and enter a query, closed tabs will appear that correspond to the keywords you used. So this tool is not only limited to keeping the last closed tabs in view , but it also allows you to locate those that do not even appear in the list.

By the way, if you want to open the tab search engine with the keyboard , you can use the following shortcut:

  • Control + Shift + A (on macOS, Command + Shift + A)

Check the most visited websites

If the tab you closed is a website you visit frequently , you may be able to find it on the new tab page.

To activate the view of the most visited sites, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. Click on the Customize Chromebutton .
  3. In the Shortcuts section, check the Most visited websitesoption .

It is not as effective a method as the previous ones, but it may be useful for you in case the rest of the procedures have not worked for you.

Use history

Finally, you can also rely on Chrome history to access a tab that you have closed. Since it syncs in the cloud, this is an interesting system when it comes to recovering websites you have visited from any device where you use this browser. There are two ways to consult the history:

  • Control + H. Access the history page. Includes a search engine.
  • Typing in the address bar. With a few keywords, Chrome will return, among other things, your recent Google queries and the tabs you closed.

How to recover closed tabs in Chrome for mobile

If you are a user of the Google browser on your mobile, you also have some ways to recover tabs in Chrome on iOS or Android.

Here are some ideas, depending on the operating system you have:

  • iOS. On the new tab page you will see the Recent Tabs shortcut . Use it to see the tabs you have been closing. It is also possible to recover tabs from the Other devices section .
  • Android. On Android, open Chrome’s main menu and tap Recent Tabs .

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