How to Recover Closed Safari Windows and Tabs

There are many anecdotes or inconveniences that can happen to us when we surf the net and it is almost certain that one of them has happened to all of us and it is the accidental closing of a page. This is something that can drive us crazy, since we don’t know how to get back to it. And although all open pages can be closed at once, we have no idea how to easily recover closed Safari tabs and windows.

Of course, you will tell me that if we go to the history we can find out which page we were seeing at that time. But first, there are many people who do not know how to access this history. Second and more important there is a method that allows Safari much faster, to be able to recover the closed tabs and windows.

If this trick is simpler and it will not take you long to recover the page closed accidentally. And in this article we will show you the steps to follow so that you can apply it when necessary.

Although it is also important that you keep a browser updated and that you use tools that help you  improve and accelerate the loading speed of the pages.

How to Recover Closed Safari Windows and Tabs Easily

The trick that we are going to teach you can be applied without problems on your iPhone and iPad devices, hoping it will be very helpful and useful. When you are browsing the web through the native Apple Safari browser . And accidentally a page is closed, you must proceed as follows to recover it without major setbacks.

The first step to follow is to go to the tab button and when you press the icon (+) will appear and click there, if you are using an iPad this is in the upper right corner.

And if you are using an iPhone, it is located in the upper right corner. You must press and hold this button for several seconds so that the action is carried out immediately a panel will be displayed, called Recently closed tabs.

The next step is to search and select in the panel that you have just displayed the page that was accidentally closed. And it will reopen immediately and you can continue doing what you did before the unfortunate accident. But now we are going to show you a method that can be applied only on iPads to recover tabs and closed Safari windows easily.

Another iPad method to recover closed Safari tabs and windows

The next method consists of, when closing the page you were visiting, press the tab button and the (+) icon will appear, keep your finger on the (+) button.

As you already know, a panel will be displayed on your screen called the Recently closed tab. Now find and select the web page that was accidentally closed, now you can repeat this process as many times as you want.

This to recover all the tabs that have been accidentally closed or that you consciously closed, but that you want to see again.

The important thing is that you learn how simple and fast this method can be and you can apply it to both iPhone and iPad devices. And you may find that this method is as easy to perform as clearing cookies from Safari’s search history .

And in this way we have shown you a very simple method that many users who use Apple’s default browser do not yet know. With which when using your iPad or iPhone, you can solve search errors that even the most experienced ones make. And in this way we have shown you how to recover tabs and closed Safari windows easily


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