How to recover an Amazon account

If you have an account in Amazo n and you have problems accessing it , it is possible that you are trying to access with a wrong password or that the company has made the decision to block your account.

If you’ve  forgotten your password , you can reset the following a few simple steps using your email address or number phone affiliate account.

In the event that your account has been blocked, Amazon will notify you by sending a message to your email along with the reason why they have decided to block your account . If this happens the recovery procedure is not so easy, but that does not mean that it is impossible.

If you are interested in knowing the common reasons why you cannot enter your Amazon account  and the possible solutions for these cases , know that we will discuss it later.

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Reasons why Amazon blocks accounts

If you have received an email from Amazon informing you that your account was blocked , you should know that there may be  different reasons that caused the block.

Perhaps it has happened due to problems with your credit card , whether it was canceled, it is not authorized or it was detected that it does not belong to you. In those cases Amazon is very careful, and the same happens when the bank details do not match.

With regard to products, if you buy many items from the same bank account and send the products to different locations, it is very likely that your account will be blocked. Another reason may be because you tend to return too many products to the company.

In turn, Amazon does not allow you to lend your account so that a third party can make their purchases or that the shipments arrive at an address that is not yours.

Finally, Amazon may consider blocking your account because you make compulsive purchases of expensive or overly luxurious products .

S i do not want your account is locked, you must first avoid breaching the conditions and policies of the company . Remember that they do this as a security method .

Is it possible to recover an Amazon account that was blocked?

Although it is possible to recover an Amazon account, this is not a very simple process . Upon receiving the email informing you that your account was blocked and they explain the reason, you should contact the company to solve the situation and also know your blocking status, which can be suspended, denied or restricted .

What can I do to get my account back if the two-step verification failed?

If two-step verification fails , you must scan your government-issued ID to submit to Amazon. If you can’t scan it, you can also choose to take a photo of it and send it. Note that it may take up to two days for Amazon to verify this information.

What are the most common reasons why Amazon does not allow access to your account?

One of the most common reasons is that you enter your data wrong , be it your password, email or your phone number. In other cases, it is because Amazon may have blocked your account for various reasons. The justification for a blocked account will be sent to your email.

Procedure to recover your Amazon account

In order for you to recover your Amazon account, you need to reset your password . In case you have forgotten your email , you can also access it by following a series of steps.

If you forgot your password

To reset the password , the first thing you should do is go to the platform in the section called “ Help with the password ”. There you must enter your email or phone number. This way they can send you an email or an SMS with a temporary password. Enter that password and click ” Continue “. As a last step enter a new password.

If you don’t remember your email

When entering the platform in the section “Help with the password” you must click where it says “Customer service” and select the specific problem. In this case the one of ” I can not enter my account “. You may need to contact the company.

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