How to recover all deleted or deleted notifications on my Android

On our Android devices, it is a pleasure to have a tool as useful as notifications. We may, for one reason or another, lose these notifications. Therefore, here we show you how to recover all deleted or deleted notifications on my Android easily.

How to Recover All Deleted or Deleted Notifications on My Android

How can I recover deleted notifications on my Android?

Everyone at some point has lost our finger, and we have inadvertently deleted a notification on our Android that could have been really important. But you will be very happy to know that there is not just one, but several ways to get back these deleted or deleted notifications.

How can I check the notification history of my Android device?

It is really easy to get to this option offered by your Android device. In order to activate this option, what you have to do is:

  • Enter the settings of your Android device.
  • In the “System” section, select the option that says “Phone information.”
  • Find the “Build Number” tab and tap on it several times.
  • Once you have touched this tab repeatedly, you will see a message on your device advising you that you have activated the “Developer Options”.

Thanks to this action, from now on you will have the option of seeing deleted notifications available on your Android device.

Now, what you have to do to get to this very useful option is:

  • Press the home screen of your mobile for a moment to see the options given here.
  • Select the “Widgets” option.
  • Among the Widgets that are shown there, choose “Settings” and add it to your home screen.
  • You will have a new window on your screen, which says “Access to settings”; click on it.
  • When you find the option “Notification log”, select it.

By following all these steps, in the “Notification log” option, you will be able to see all the notifications that you have deleted or deleted on your Android. But if instead, you want to have complete control of notifications, you will surely like to know how to activate and deactivate Android notifications .

Knowing more about these not-so-known options on your Android device can even help you know how to deactivate or remove notifications from applications on Android , so we encourage you to continue learning more about these options that are so useful for everyone.

You can even learn to see the history of your notifications on your Android phone . You must remember that the option to check your notification log on your Android does not work in all versions . If, despite your attempts, you cannot unblock this option, something you could try is to download an application that will help you achieve it.

What apps can I use to recover deleted notifications on my Android?

Thanks to technology, today there is a solution or application for almost everything. And in this matter it has not been left behind, since there are many applications that you can use to view or recover the notifications that you have lost on your Android.

Some of the best applications that you can use if you are facing this problem are:

  • Unnotification.
  • Nova Launcher.
  • Notification History Log.

You can easily get all of these by accessing the official source, Google Play , and their download is completely free; which allows all people, regardless of their resources, to enjoy this excellent option.

What you have to remember when using these applications is that they must be activated. Each of these will ask you for access to different applications on your device, including some with private information.

This is why you must make sure that this is the decision you want to make, before putting certain private or revealing information in the hands of the application.

Whatever the decision you make when recovering all the deleted or deleted notifications on your Android, we can assure you that if you follow all these steps, you will be able to achieve your goal and enjoy this effective option.

It is our sincere hope that this information is useful to you, and we encourage you not to stop informing you of this important topic these days.


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