How to recover a Wordpad document that does not save easily?

Wordpad is not one of the best text editors out there. However, if you are a window user, you most likely know that it is actually used for many things (such as creating simple documents). That is why it never hurts to learn from it, and with that in mind today you will see How to recover a Wordpad document that does not save?

And it is that, to whom it has not happened that he is inspired by working for hours and when he was finally going to save, his PC freezes and the whole process is ruined. This can even cause death, because if the document was extremely important, it will have to be done all over again, which is the worst punishment in the world.

How to recover a Wordpad document that does not save?

In order to answer the question How to recover a Wordpad document that does not save? You have to first discriminate what your situation is, because not saving a document is not the same as deleting it.

In the event that you have not saved an edition of the document, that is, the file still exists but you have not been able to save the modification, you will have to do the following: Go to the start menu of the computer (you can open several applications in the Windows 10 menu )

From there look for the following path C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming, when you are already in this, look for the document that you could not save by its full name (if it does not appear put its extension, it can be .asd or .tmp ).


When you see it, copy and paste it on the desktop, and then change its extension to . odt, with that you should be able to open it without any problem, since what you copied was a kind of save that had been left on your PC.

As a recommendation, evaluate that everything is fine by reviewing the document. In case you want to do more scrutiny, choose to convert a Wordpad document into Word, or look up the line number in Worpad so you can see item by item.

How to recover deleted items?

Now that you read the above, the question How to recover a Wordpad document that does not save ?, should be practically answered, so it is time to see how to restore your document if it was deleted by mistake.

The first thing you will have to do is download a professional recovery tool. Of these, there are many online, one better than the other and most work the same, but the one you will see today is called Fonelap.

Once you have downloaded the tool, install it like any other application. At the end of the process, open it and go to its main menu, where you can place what type of data you want to recover, choose ” Document “.

Then you have to enter the path where the document you lost was, if you do not remember it select the option “Recover deleted files from the recycle bin”.  Regardless of what you have done, click on the ” Scan ” button .

This will perform a quick scan and show you what documents you can recover, in case yours does not come out, give the option that will be right there called “In-depth analysis”, when the search is over, all the files that You can restore, you just have to click on them, review them and hit “Recover”.


Recover from Trash

By now you should already know the answer to How to recover a Wordpad document that does not save?, But for your learning to be even more complete, you will also see how to remove a document from the trash.

To do so, the document must still be there. If you find it, you have to right click on it and in the drop-down that will appear press ” Restore “, then go to “My documents”, and when you see your file, right click on the name to open it, so you will have it back.

And voila, with that last thing there is nothing else you can read here, so it is time for you to go to your computer if you are not there yet and start looking for the document that you need to recover so much. In the event that nothing works for you, then the error is your program and you will have to uninstall the Wordpad program in Windows 10 , in order to solve it.


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