How to recover a Word file without saving or deleting?

How to recover a Word file without saving or deleting is one of the eternal dilemmas of most of the users. Because there is always the opportunity to lose an entire document due to a power outage or equipment problem.

But, just as there are ways to recover deleted photos and videos on PC or recover deleted files in general , there are also tricks for this case.

In fact, autosave tools tend to lose their effectiveness at times resulting in the loss of important data. But, don’t despair, there are some fairly simple solutions to reduce these cases. In addition, they are free forms and do not require the installation of expensive or heavy external programs found on the web. It is a suitable measure for the recovery of files in Microsoft Office and PDF .

Autorestore: Another Way How to Recover a Word File Without Saving or Deleting

This is one of the simplest ways there is, it is a slightly more generic format that is responsible for storing data that is believed to be lost. Its utility is similar to the reality for a chronological software.

To use it, it is necessary to open a Microsoft Office document safely , then in the upper panel find the button that says ” Options “. Once the list of tools is displayed, choose the one called ” File “.

It is there where you can verify the stored data using the button ” Save AutoRecover Information every XX time “. There you will find the last thing that had been stored inside the computer.

During the process of how to recover a Word file without saving or deleting it is important to take the opportunity to adjust the times. You can also improve backups during business hours.

Now, it is vital to know that the ” AutoRestore ” measure will only be effective if you work on a file that is damaged or lost as a result of a serious error. System crashes are the main cause for autosave.

Where to recover an unsaved or deleted Word file?

All Microsoft Office applications have one of these tools that saves all documents in auto-recovery mode. They were designed to collect files in the event of sudden shutdowns or operational problems.

Normally, it is an ability that the platform has by default, that is, all versions bring it by default. Although some computers with specific operational guidelines must activate it manually.

The location to find out how to recover an unsaved or deleted Word file is at the following address: C: \ Users \ (your username) \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Word (Excel or PowerPoint).

It is very important that you know that you can find a series of temporary documents or that you thought forgotten for a few months. The ideal is to open one by one and verify those that are useful.

Do all office automation systems have a folder for emergency files?

Many of the experts assure that the office automation systems have certain folders that work in case of sudden closures. They are located on the hard drive , especially in the root, since they are linked to the system in general.

Accessing it is somewhat complicated but it is simple once you know all the steps to know how to recover a Word file without saving or deleting.

In case of how to recover a Word file without saving, it is necessary to follow some fairly simple procedures similar to those described above. Among them are the following:

Open a document of the program linked to the file, then select the ” Options ” button and locate another that says ” Information “. Now, it will be necessary to follow the following path: ” Manage Document> Recover Documents without Saving “.

Immediately, a folder will open where all the materials that had been lost will be organized according to chronological details such as date and time.


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